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Competitive Traditions in the Stuckey Household SKUNKS AT THANKSGIVING?

We all have something that makes Thanksgiving unique to our family. For some people, it’s just not Thanksgiving without grandma’s original bread stuffing recipe. Others look forward to using the china plates that have been handed down for generations. At the Stuckey family Thanksgiving, our traditions are simple. We gather around for a big family dinner, and when everyone has eaten their fill of turkey and mashed potatoes, we settle in to defeat one another in an old- fashioned game night. My family has always been pretty into games. It doesn’t matter if it’s a board game, card game, or dominoes — if there can be a winner, everyone wants to play. You could say we’re a bit competitive. No matter what game we play, the prize is usually the same. The winner gets to write

racking up points. The first person to 100 points wins, but there’s a catch. You can roll as many times as you want during your turn, but if you roll a one (called the “skunk”) on either die, you don’t get any points from that round, and the dice are passed to the next player. The rules might sound simple, but they lend a lot of suspense to the game. For example, maybe someone rolls a six and a four, earning them 10 points, and they end their turn. When the dice get to them again, they roll a five and a three. Rather than ending their turn with 18 points, they push their luck and roll again. This time, they roll a six and a skunk. Their turn ends, and they’re back to 10 points. Maybe they roll double skunks. That’s worse, because if you roll a double skunk, you lose all the points you’ve accumulated throughout the whole game! We’ve had

ultimately lost, we sent him into the kitchen to wash the dishes. He couldn’t believe we made him wash the dishes by himself! Well, rules are rules, and I don’t think he held a grudge about it. He and my sister-in-law got married a few years later. Thanksgiving game night is a wonderful holiday tradition I share with my family. At the office, we have holiday traditions, too. Once again, we’ll be hosting a toy drive from Nov. 1 to Dec. 15 to benefit the Lucas County Children’s Services. Help us lend a hand to children in our community who need it most by bringing in new, unwrapped toys to donate. Last year’s toy drive was a great success, and I’m excited to take part in this charitable endeavor and give back to our wonderful community.

their name in the esteemed Stuckey Game Book. This notebook has pages and pages of funny comments from past winners. It’s

games where someone started their turn with 95 points, then rolled a double skunk and lost it all. We play Skunk all throughout the year, but on Thanksgiving, there’s an

“My family has always been pretty into games. It doesn’t matter if it’s a board game, card game, or dominoes. If there can be a winner, everyone wants to play.”

become such a part of our gaming tradition that the moment someone claims victory, they jump up to grab the book. We’ve played a lot of games over the years, but the family favorite is a dice game, Skunk. Players take turns rolling a pair of dice and

added twist. The winners still get to write their name in the Stuckey Game Book, but the losers face the ultimate punishment. They have to wash all the dishes! Years ago, my sister-in-law brought her new boyfriend over for the first time during Thanksgiving dinner. We made him play Skunk with the rest of us, and when he

Happy Thanksgiving!

– Dr. Stuckey

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