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January/February 2020

The Best Job I’ve Ever Had


I love my job!

Between my passion for helping students with difficulties and Lucy’s job opening, I like to believe it was fate that brought me here. I’ve been working at Elm Street Placements for two years, and it still feels like I have the greatest job in the world. As a former educator and administrator, I’m empowered by our many success stories. When I first talk to parents, I get a feeling of lost hope. They are unsure of what to do, and they are searching for any answer they can find. After six months, when those first reports from their children’s programs start coming in, we watch the transformation unfold. Parents are happier, their kids are doing well, and there is progress and growth every single day. It’s a powerful transformation that I one day hope to have a part of beyond what I do now. My personal goal is to join Lucy, Kathy, and Fran in the field, discovering programs, continuing engagement with the caring professionals in these organizations, and directly helping families through that transformation. I am simply amazed at the work these women do, and I’m honored to work with the programs we coordinate with every day.

I’m the first point of contact with Elm Street Placements. Families often share quite a bit with me during that first phone call. I know the most important thing I can do for them at that moment is to serve as a listening ear for frustrated or exhausted parents and caregivers. I immediately feel connected with the families who call for our help. Throughout their time with Elm Street Placements, I’m invested in their lives. When I first met Lucy, I was working at the preschool she previously operated. Eventually, I moved away from New Jersey, but when I returned, I had a set of twins and a younger child in tow. Working was the last thing on my mind. When I was ready to return to the workforce, I felt drawn to help children in need of extra assistance. There’s something fulfilling about helping a child sort through their frustrations or challenges. I had been keeping up with Lucy and learned she needed a part-time employee to help her with the day-to-day needs of her consulting practice, Elm Street Placements.

I’d love to show you and your patients just how impactful these dedicated professionals can be. Give me a call. I’d love to talk to you.

–Raegan Freeman



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