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Robin Barrett recently retired after teaching primarily first-grade children in the Lexington school district. Robin has all the qualities of a great educator — she is patient, kind, creative, and compassionate. For 37 years, Robin gave so many kids in our community a wonderful start to grade school. Under her guidance, the students learned to be inquisitive, curious, and confident in their abilities. We were lucky to have her as the first-grade teacher for two of our kids — Aaron and Rachel. Hillary loved to volunteer in then-Miss Bacquet’s classroom, helping the kids with reading and especially with the holiday parties. An avid reader herself, Robin encouraged the children in her classroom to love books. Robin has many favorite quotes, but a poem by Jane Baskill best sums up the residents of Room 1 at Central Elementary: Open a book And you will find People and places of every kind; Open a book And you can be Anything that you want to be; Open a book And you can share Wondrous worlds you find in there; Open a book

Up for adoption, we heard from a friend, A 1-year-old doodle, as was the trend.

Already trained, the article read, Has all his shots and comes with a bed.

So we trekked up to get you, your things they did pack, Vowed they would miss you, “just don’t bring him back.”

A surprise for Sophie, she was lonely you see, She needed a friend, Sophie didn’t agree.

And I will too You read to me And I’ll read to you.

Your name had been Ryan, we thought it strange, Remi more refined, so we made the change.

At first it was bedlam, your training was weak, Every minute, you were taking a leak.

Sophie the alpha, you followed her lead, “Let’s sneak out, make mischief,” she’d plant the seed.

We aren’t sure why, stairs you would not take, A refuge for Sophie when she needed a break.

A terrible swimmer, you’d bark from the shore, One day you jumped in, with fear no more.

You were always happy, n’er a foul mood, Loved a little salmon grease, over your food.

Rambunctious and silly, you brought us much joy, We’re sure gonna miss you, our sweet Remi boy!


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