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MARCH 2020




T his month, I want to do something a little

casework or to make formal requests. On top of that, she puts the checks together when cases settle. When you get down to it, Rosie plays a role in just about every part of the process. Of course, working at Harmonson Law Firm is just a small part of Rosie’s life. When she’s not at the office, there’s a good chance Rosie is with her family, and she comes from a big one — her parents had 16 kids! Today, Rosie is a mother of four grown kids. Two of them are off on their own with growing families of their own, and the other two are still a little closer to home. Her youngest son, who’s 19, recently graduated from high school and will soon attend South Plains College in Lubbock. Her youngest daughter, who’s 21, attends New Mexico State University and has even helped around the firm working as a file clerk. Rosie loves to go camping and have cookouts, and she enjoys dancing. But most of her time is just spent with her kids and grandkids. For Rosie, it doesn’t get better than family. Here are the two things I love most about Rosie. Rosie treats our clients like royalty and makes life in the trenches of the law firm a wonderful place. Rosie also is unwavering in her faith which shines through in everything she does, whether it is for the firm, for our clients, or her family.

different. I want to share a little about one of the members of our team: Rosie!

Many of our clients are familiar with Rosie Caldwell, our chief paralegal with our firm. Rosie has been with us for five years — her first two years were part time before she joined us full time for the last three years. Ever since day one, she has been an incredible part of the team, and we would not be the law firm we are today without her! Rosie’s career in law goes back to 1976. Since then, she’s worked with a number of

attorneys and law firms in and around El Paso, giving her a very distinguished career. I can’t say enough about how good she is with clients, and I’m glad she found her way to our firm. Rosie does so much for our clients and the firm at large. It’s really hard to define her role in just a few words because she does so much every day. She spends a lot of time on the phone with clients, adjusters, and medical providers and works hard to make sure we have all the information we need to work on a case. That way, we can get the results our clients have come to expect. Another big part of Rosie’s role is requesting and compiling medical records, which can be important for car accident and medical malpractice cases. She also helps drafts many of the legal documents we use in

Thank you for all you do Rosie!

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