Scheurer Magazine // 2022

SCHEURER? I think a sense of community is big. The hospital was founded in, built and paid for by the community. There are very big community ties because of that and people are very loyal to Scheurer. The fact that we've been able to remain independent is just crazy in the best possible way. Angela Lackie INPATIENT & RETAIL PHARMACY We care about each and every patient and threat them like family here. Patients are not numbers here, they are people. Candy Avalos SURGICAL SERVICES // CENTRAL SUPPLY To be Scheurer is really to do your best. It's to do the right thing when no one is looking. I know when I'm gone, things are going to be taken care of how they should. I know everyone is going to work hard. They do things how they're supposed to and that makes me proud of our team. Chris Bennett EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES (EMS)

// CONTINUED FROM PAGE 09 It means that I am proud knowing Scheurer gives the best possible care to any patient, customer and visitor that come through our door. We really care about the patients and customers and their community. Scheurer gives a lot back to the community and it feels great when people recognize that you work at Scheurer. They tell you that they are willing to drive 30 or 40 miles one way just to come to us. Judy Smith SCHEURER PRIMARY CARE - PIGEON I always treated my patients the way I would want my family or friends to be treated. I get that feeling of warmth no matter where I am at Scheurer. I would trust our team with myself, family and friends in a heartbeat. Kindness and a smile go a long way. I’m very proud to be a part of the Scheurer family! Ashley Case INFECTION PREVENTION Never have I been treated as a person by a company before. Scheurer has treated me so well and I only just started. They show us the way to be successful in our personal and profes- sional lives. Bridgett Dahlke SCHEURER PRIMARY CARE - PIGEON It’s going that extra step in anything, whether it be for a patient, a resident, a staff member or for a community member. It is that extra piece. Teresa Gascho CORPORATE SERVICES

Being a part of Scheurer makes you feel like being part of a family, not just a company. Scheurer is a strong, independent organization that strives to do our best, to care for our patients, community and employees.


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