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ROSIE THE RIVETER FunFacts Over 310,000 women worked in the U.S. aircraft industry in 1943, which was 65% of the entire workforce. Before the war, that number was just 1%. The phrase, “We Can Do It” was created by Howard Miller (top photo), while the image was most popularized by Norman Rockwell (bottom photo) after being published in the Saturday Evening Post.

When asked if Country Bay Village feels like home, Shirley said, “It really does feel like home here. I really like everybody here, which is unusual for me. I really enjoy being here and am very comfortable here. Everyone feels like family.” Shirley’s go-getter approach to life hasn’t slowed since she has been at Country Bay Village. She still has plenty of hobbies to keep her busy, one being photography. She has always been into photography and still loves to take pictures of just about everything especially churches, old barns and the sky. Although the transition from city life to a small town may drive others mad, Shirley doesn’t seem to mind living in the thumb. She noticed that when she would drive around,

which was “A-Okay” with her. Shirley enjoys her apartment with her patio to view the day and night sky here, something she missed when she lived in the city. From stepping up and joining the workforce in the war-torn U.S. to now laying back and enjoying life, Shirley’s sense of humor and captivating smile has only gotten better. She had recently celebrated her 94th birthday at Country Bay Village surrounded by her family and friends with a homemade Perch dinner for all residents to enjoy. Shirley’s awe-inspiring story of becoming a riveter, working in military intelligence, and joining the Civil Air Patrol still provides encouragement to women showing that “We Can Do It!”

This photo from the archives of the Library of Congress shows some of the thousands of women that joined the workforce in an effort to help win World War II.


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