Scheurer Magazine // 2022


Those in the community can help support the Girls On The Run program by signing up for the 5k and becoming a girl’s running buddy. The Community Wellness team is also looking for high school students to sign up and become junior coaches. Coaches would attend practices and help the head coach with the lesson while encouraging the girls.

curriculum so these girls can build their confidence, value relationships, and use teamwork. The lessons also focus on building social, emotional and physical skills while encouraging healthy habits for life.” The Community Wellness team works with Laker Elementary in the fall season and then teaches Bad Axe schools in the spring. After having done this program for a couple of years, they are hoping to reach out to more schools in the near future so they can get the program out to even more girls. When asked about the major projects that the Girls On The Run crew have accomplished, Alex replied, “Pre-Covid, the Girls On The Run program would have a 5k with an entire region of teams for all of the girls to come together. Since we have been in Covid protocols the last couple of years we have had our own 5k celebration with the girls. For the 2021 fall season with the Laker girls, we had the 5k here at the Scheurer Path to Fitness. The girls picked a neon theme, so we had a bright photo booth, flashing light jewelry and lights posted all along the path. The girls had a blast, and it was a nice celebration.” According to Alex, Girls On The Run is something that the Community Wellness crew prides themselves leading because of the positive and crucial part it plays in the community. “Girls On The Run is especially important in our small community because of the impact we can have on these girls. This program teaches the girls at a critical stage in life. We are trying to strengthen their confidence at a time when society tries to tell them they can’t do it. They finish Girls On The Run embracing their uniqueness, being empowered and knowing that their voice matters.”

To help promote healthy eating habits, Community Wellness has kicked off a new program that offers crock pot freezer meals to the public.

Jaylee Chandonnet, Manager of Community Wellness (pink) leads the Girls On The Run participants in stretching before the celebratory 5k run to finish the program.


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