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Life can be a bit of a rollercoaster and we never know when the next twist or turn is approaching. That describes life quite well for everyone as of late and as I approach my finish line to retirement. Originally, my last day was intended to take place in early July 2022, yet here I am happy to extend my tenure as President & CEO of your local healthcare organization of choice. Retirement brings about a lot of emotions: excitement for a chance to relax and enjoy life to the fullest, hesitation because of a new life routine that doesn’t entail going to the o–ce five days a week, pride as I look back and recollect on everything we have accomplished together, yet also a small amount of sadness as I walk away from some of the greatest people that I have ever had the chance to work with side-by-side. What Scheurer Health offers is truly second to none and cannot found anywhere else.

Our culture at Scheurer is what attracted me in the first place and it is what has kept me here ever since. Scheurer’s team of nearly 500 medical professionals is ready for anything that is thrown at them, is truly cham- pionship-caliber and something that we should not take for granted. The last three years have been especially tough as we battle through a worldwide pandemic, but because of our team, we are stronger than ever. My father was an excavator by trade and always had a saying when he had a good day at work, “We moved a lot of dirt today.” Over the last six-plus years at Scheurer, I am proud to say that we moved a lot of dirt and it is what has kept me in this chair for a little bit longer than originally planned. We will continue to move mountains as a team and achieve what your community healthcare organization has set out to do from day one: to provide Better Health and Better Life for everyone.

Thank you for your continued commitment to Scheurer Health!


FIVE THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT SCHEURER RIGHT NOW For the second year in a row, Scheurer Health was voted as the Best Place to Work in Huron County by the Readers’ Choice Awards of the Huron Daily Tribune. In addition, we were voted Best Hospital for now over a Our Lobby-to-Lobby construction project is underway and will give both of our lobbies a refreshed look, as well Another location of Scheurer Specialty Care is opening in our former location of Sebewaing Family Medicine in downtown Sebewaing. With the We added yet another school district to our lineup of school wellness clinics with the addition of USA Schools. Now, students at Bad Axe, Caseville, Lakers and USA all

It is now easier than ever to utilize the power of MyChart, as part of your Epic Medical Record. Auto-Activation of your MyChart is now available, so you don’t need to worry about jumping through unneccesary hoops to access your personal health information.

as the main hallway connecting the two areas. This project will allow us to provide an even better patient experience here at Scheurer. 2

space’s overhaul, we are able to provide services such as Oncology and Integrative Medicine. 3

have access to medical services throughout the school day for free. 4

decade straight and received a total of 27 “bests.” 1




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