Scheurer Magazine // 2022

PAIN MANAGEMENT Controlling pain is a critical part of your recovery plan. Your care team is dedicated to working with you to develop a pain management plan specifically for you. Frequently, your nurse will ask about the type and severity of your pain to help manage and control it as best as possible. Do not hesitate to let your team know about the honest level of pain that you are experiencing. Make sure to report any pain that is not being adequetely controlled. • Report your pain before it becomes severe. It is harder to control the pain once it has taken hold. Pain can get worse if it is not actively managed. • If you know that your pain will worsen when you start to walk or do exercise, tell your nurse. • You are the expert about how you are feeling. Be as specific as possible in your description: • When the pain began • Where you feel the pain • How the pain feels -- sharp, dull, throbbing, burning or tingling • Physical Therapy techniques are great ways in reducing pain and increasing range of motion. Talk with your Physical Therapist or care team about this option. • Set a pain control goal, such as keeping your pain level below a four (4). • Tell your care team about pain control methods that have worked for you previously. • If your pain medicine is not working after returning to home, contact your provider.

Scheurer EMS received their new ambulance in late 2021, the first with the new Scheurer Health branding. In a year, Scheurer responds to over 1,000 ambulance calls, staffed by a crew of over 30.



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