2021 Mums Catalog | North America

Ordering Information

Garden Mums, Asters and Montauk Daisies Program Dates: Weeks 1–37

Spring-Season Varieties* Seasonality: Weeks 1–13 Natural-Season Varieties** Seasonality: Weeks 14–37

Pot Mums and Fleurettes Program Dates: Weeks 1–52

Garden Mums, Asters and Montauk Daisies: Tags will be available for $0.03 per tag, this price includes tag freight. Ratios and no tags may be selected but choice must apply to the entire order.

Tag only orders will not be accepted. Tags available on garden mums, asters and Montauk Daisies only. There is a 50% restocking fee on returned tags.

Unrooted Shipping: The freight charge is per cutting, based on the shipment size.

Production Location: Cuttings will come from Alva, Florida.

Propagation: License for propagation is required, please contact Royalty Administration International for details.

Billing: Cuttings will be billed at the time of shipping and will include separate line item charges for the cost of the tag and freight.

Cancellations: No cancellations or order reductions will be accepted within 30 days of shipping for unrooted cuttings.

* Spring-season varieties can be found on the Spring Selections table on page 53. ** All Yoder ® garden mums are considered natural-season varieties.

ORDER MINIMUMS Unrooted Cuttings Order Minimum: 2,000 Variety Minimum: 50

AVAILABILITY Garden Mums Unrooted Cuttings: Available Weeks 1–37 Montauk Daisy & Asters Unrooted Cuttings: Available Weeks 14–37 Pot Mums & Fleurettes Unrooted Cuttings: Available Weeks 1–52

Variety Multiples: 50 Pack per box: 1,600 ( Pot Mums, Fleurettes & Asters ; 4% over pack)

PROPAGATION INFORMATION Yoder ® Mum varieties are protected by U.S. and Canadian Plant Patents, Utility Patents, and/or the varieties are listed in the Syngenta Flowers “Flowering Only License.” To order tags for propagation, contact MasterTag at 800-253-0439. Unlicensed propagation of these varieties is strictly prohibited and monitored by:

Royalty Administration International 10175 Six Mile Cypress Parkway, Suite 3 Ft. Myers, FL 33912, USA 800-472-4724

COPF 975 McKeown Avenue 5A-218, North Bay ON P1B 9P2, Canada 800-265-1629


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