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Life as a Spectator, Participant, and Coach

him. While Russ and I got into the occasional fight when we were teenagers, we know each other well enough now that we support and encourage each other. We know each other’s buttons and we don’t push them. I was having a conversation with someone the other day about how rare it is to have that kind of friendship as an adult. I’m grateful that my brother is also my best friend. I’m continuing my quest to see every baseball stadium in the nation, so at the end of summer, I’ll be flying to Miami to see stadium No. 22. In addition to visiting the stadium and watching the game, we have plans to see the incredible marine life off the coast. My friend who’s into tropical fish is going to join me, so we’ll get to do some snorkeling while we’re there. It’s going to be a fun trip. Spring is ushering in a couple of other exciting events as well. Evie is performing in her first musical theater show in college this month, and Beth and I will be heading to Utah to watch her.This is an exciting moment for Evie, and we’re looking forward to being there to cheer her on. I know she’s going to be great. Have an awesome April, and until next month,

How is your spring so far? It’s wonderful to be out of the thick of winter, isn’t it? One of the things I most look forward to this time of year, besides playing baseball, is getting to watch major league games. Chances are I’ll have a game on anytime I’m in my office working through paperwork or between patients. I’m excited to see what the A’s have in store for us this season. Last year, they weren’t expected to do anything special, then they went and made it to the postseason. I’m hoping they can run with that momentum and do even better this year. In addition to watching and playing baseball, I’m reprising my role as Russell’s coach this spring. It’s been interesting to see how coaching has changed my perspective of the game. When we run through drills — fly balls, catching grounders, throwing, hitting — I am constantly assessing each player to decide who would do best in each role.This is on top of giving suggestions in the moment to improve my players’ game. It has made me much more aware of form and mechanics, and I’ve been watching major league players more closely as a result. Sharing feedback helps everyone get better. I know when I’m playing, I’m not watching myself, and I hope someone else would tell me if my swing or throw looked off. My brother, Russ, often does that for me. At practice, or even if we’re just playing catch, we notice the other person’s mechanics and tell each other if something is off. It helps to have someone I’ve known my whole life do that for me. Russ and I have been best friends since he was born. We always planned to live in the same place, and my son Russell is named after

–Dr. Elkins

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