2023 Tourism and Economic Development Year End Report

2023 Economic and Tourism Development Year-End Report

MARKETING HASTINGS COUNTY Design and Printed Tear-Off Maps We collaborated with a local designer to create tear-off maps highlighting the many Wildly Authentic Experiences we have to offer for locals and visitors alike. These have been printed and distributed across Hastings County as well as in Destination Ontario Tourism Centres, including OnRoutes. The maps feature 11 experience categories for anyone looking to experience cycling routes, rockhounding, museums, culinary, campgrounds and much more.

Vacant Window Installations

Funded in part by the Ontario Rural Economic Development Program, we approached owners of vacant commercial buildings to acquire permission to install removable adhesive vinyl to exterior windows. The window installations showcase artwork of a functioning business with an artistic touch (i.e. bookstore, cafe, barber shop etc.). Authentic and colourful, the installations are stopping people in their tracks while exploring our communities. The installations include our logo and a call to action to learn more.

Business Testimonial Videos

Staff coordinated the production of a “Wildly Successful” video series in 2023. Each episode features a business owner who has received one-on-one in-depth assistance from the Small Business Coordinator. Local entrepreneurs describe

their positive experience living and working in Hastings County while

providing a testimonial for the services provided by Hastings County Economic Development. The series is meant to encourage others to open a business here.


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