2023 Tourism and Economic Development Year End Report

2023 Economic and Tourism Development Year-End Report

TOURISM STATISTICS & OUTCOMES We have covered our tourism efforts and marketing undertaken in 2023. Now let’s look at the outcomes. Tourism marketing helps increase revenue generated by visitors which in turn goes back into the local economy to help with sustaining infrastructure and local businesses. According to Environics, in 2023 Hastings County welcomed an estimated 765,936 overnight visitors, from beyond 60KMs away. The average stay was 3 nights.

Snapshot of how many visitors from 60+ KMs away stay overnight in our 14 member municipalities combined:


Number of Trips


691,884 in 2020 956,080 in 2021 942,724 in 2022 765,936 in 2023

1,241,457 in 2020 1,506,692 in 2021 1,412,836 in 2022 1,129,118 in 2023

3,146,014 in 2020 3,464,251 in 2021 3,283,628 in 2022 2,710,466 in 2023

4-Year Average: 839,156

4-Year Average: 1,322,525

4-Year Average: 3,151,089

(Data Source: Environics VisitorView: privacy-compliant, anonymous mobile location data, administrative datasets and analytics to produce neighbourhood-level of estimates of overnight visitors.)

According to the Tourism Regional Economic Impact Model created by the Ontario Government’s Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, the economic impacts of spending by overnight visitors across the County in 2023 was the following:

$170.6 Million

$4.5 Million


Total visitors’ spending

Direct impact on the retention or creation of how many jobs?

Municipal taxes collected that can be attributed to overnight visitors


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