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HIKING YONAH MOUNTAIN Fall in Love With This Historic Trail

I recently had the pleasure of hiking Yonah Mountain just outside Cleveland, Georgia. The trail was more difficult than I expected it to be (I would definitely recommend trekking poles), but the sweeping views and majesty of the mountain were more than worth it. In fact, making the journey is a great chance to connect with an incredible part of Georgia.

the first woman to conquer the Appalachian Trail solo in a single season. I recently finished reading Gatewood’s inspiring story in Ben Montgomery’s biography, “Grandma Gatewood’s Walk,” and I wanted to see this famous trailhead for myself. Let me tell you, Grandma Gatewood must have been in very good shape. The Yonah trail is rocky, and it is very steep in spots. In fact, the Army Rangers frequently use it to condition troops for mountain operations. The official trailheads may say “moderate,” but you will want to bring a first-aid kit on this one, just in case. Thankfully, Yonah is not the type of hike to make you wait on the scenery. The upper half of the trail features scenic vistas of the surrounding landscape, making the journey its own reward. For those into more extreme thrills, there are also prominent rock-climbing spots along the way. If you are a hiking enthusiast and have not made it out to this famous trail, I cannot recommend it enough. It is a great challenge with a beautiful view.

Rising 3,166 feet above sea level, this mountain offers a 360-degree view of a landscape in transition. Yonah towers above the southern Appalachian foothills and the lakes and pastures of northeast Georgia, making it a true bridge between worlds. In fact, it was from this mountain trail that one of the most famous hikers in American history began her journey. Yonah used to be the southern mouth of the Appalachian trail, and it was from this point that Emma “Grandma” Gatewood set out on her 2,000-plus-mile “lark” in 1955. This 67-year- old tobacco farmer and mother of 11 would become

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