Reid & Pederson Drainage - February 2020

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FEB 2020

LIVING WITH INTEGRITY AND HONESTY This February is a month when sweethearts enjoy their time

the shop down if he realized he had accidentally shortchanged a customer just so he could deliver the correct amount to that person — no matter how far he had to walk. His honesty and integrity toward people set him apart from those around him and earned him the nickname “Honest Abe.” It’s this same integrity and honesty that we at Reid & Pederson Drainage strive for every day. Experiencing a problem with your sewer or drains can be incredibly stressful. It is our No. 1 goal to not only solve your problem but to also

provide excellent customer service from the time your appointment is booked to the moment our technician leaves your home. Keeping our customers happy is our priority. We know what it can be like working with a company that is mainly focused on acquiring as much wealth as possible; we’ve all had to deal with at least one company with this mindset. Those experiences inspire us to do whatever we can to push back against that stigma, and one way we do that is through offering upfront pricing for our services. When you call us for service, we quote you an exact price that is exactly what you’ll pay once our technician completes the job. And if our technician discovers an issue while on the job that requires the price to change, they will not proceed without your approval. Some companies try to upsell customers on services they don’t need, but we will never tell you that you need something done that isn’t necessary. Just as Lincoln was tireless in his pursuit of honesty, we, too, are tireless. We continue living by his ideals to this day, and like the young store clerk, we will walk miles to ensure our customers are always taken care of. –John Reid

together, people born on leap day celebrate their first birthday in four years, and the U.S. remembers one of the best-known presidents in history. Feb. 12 marks President Abraham Lincoln’s 211th birthday. Lincoln was incredibly well respected by the people around him, and he impacted thousands of lives. His priority was to ensure fair and honest dealings in all his work. During the time he worked as a sales clerk, he was known to close


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