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Questions (continued) vade Israel before or after the rap­ ture?” A. The name “Russia” is not given in Scripture as such. Some feel that Rosh in Ezekiel 38 is its equivalent, however, the geographical description doesn’t require us to make a “play on words.” It is plain that Scripture refers to that large kingdom on the north. As Bible students we believe in literal prophecy and yet there are five differ­ ent views as to when Russia will in­ vade the Holy Land. Some say before the rapture, others immediately after. Some declare in the middle of the trib­ ulation, others at the end. The fifth view is that it will take place at the beginning of the millennium. From the whole context of Ezekiel 38 and 39, especially the use of the phrase “in the latter days,” compared with Isaiah 2 and other portions of Old Testament prophecy, it means the consummation of Israel’s earthly history. Therefore, the timing would be at the end of the tribulation. Q, San Luis Obispo, California — “Is one’s conscience a trustworthy guide? Some say it is, but I’d really like to know.” A. Romans 2:14, 15 tells us, “For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these having not the law are a law unto themselves; Which show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the meanwhile ac­ cusing or else ex'cusing one another.” In this case, even those who have never heard the Gospel have an inner sense of what is right and wrong. So, for the one who has never heard the Gospel, or who does not know the Bible, the con- sience may be a relatively safe guide. But, there is only one sure guide for the Christian and that is the Word of God as interpreted to our own' hearts by the Holy Spirit. Q. Los Angeles, California — “How do you explain the Holy Spirit to one’s grandchild?”


Above, KBBW Manager Phill Butler inter­ views M r.%Paul Sutherland, member of station’s Advisory Board. Below, Mr. A l Sanders, Biola staff, speaks at dedication of

A. That is enough of a task to tax the greatest theologian in the world. Yet, sometimes it is much easier to do so with a child who will believe what he can understand, and what he can­ not he accepts by faith. This is where the Bible begins. Speak of God’s mar­ velous attributes and character. Just as in the home there is a father, mother, and children as a closely knit group, so there is One Person who is supreme over all others and that is God the Father. Then concerning Jesus Chris! it should be pointed out in the same manner in which we have a fellowship with our parents. The third One, who is also God, is a Spirit. That is why we cannot see Him, while we may have communion with Him, giving Him our love and devotion. The prob­ lem of explaining the Holy Spirit to a little child is no doubt far greater in the mind of an adult than it is in the mind of a little child. This is one rea­ son why the Lord Jesus said we should become as little children that we might accept His truth by faith. 18

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