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Will You Be Used to Water His Lilies? (II Corinthians 4:7) The Master stood in His garden. Among the lilies fair. Which His own hand had planted And trained with tend'rest care; So to the fountain He took it. And filled it to the brim; How glad was the earthen vessel To be of some use to Him!

He poured forth the living water Over His lilies fair. Until the vessel was empty, And again He filled it there. He watered the drooping lilies Until they revived again, And the Master saw with pleasure That His labor had not been in vain. His own hand had drawn the water Which refreshed the thirsty flow'rs, But He used the earthen vessel To carry the living show'rs. And to itself it whispered As He laid it aside once more, "Still will I lie in His pathway, Just where I did before." Close would I keep to the Master, Empty would I remain, And perhaps some day He may use me To water His flow'rs again. copy of this publication, please pass it along to a friend so that he may also enroll in the Plan and receive these helpful monthly features from the broadcasts. Since all materials from the Biola radio programs are included in the BROADCASTER, publication is gen­ erally completed near the end of the specific month. Your patience is greatly appreciated. 0 I would like to become a member of the Biola Fellowship. Biola Fellowship Members receive a packet of envelopes (24 to expire in two years for monthly contributions). 1 am enclosing $...... .........this month, and would like to send $............— monthly for the ministries of Biola.

He looked at their snowy blossoms, And marked with observant eye That His flow'rs were sadly drooping, For their leaves were parched and dry. "M y lilies need to be watered," The heavenly Master said; "Wherein shall I draw it for them, And raise each drooping head?" Close to His feet, in the pathway Empty and frail and small, An earthen vessel was lying, Which seemed of no use at all. But the Master saw and raised it From the dust in which it lay, And smiled, as He gently whispered, "This shall do my work to-day. "It is but an earthen vessel, But it lay so close to me; It is small, but it is empty— That is all it needs to be." If you are not receiving copies of the BROADCASTER monthly, you may have them come to your home or office automatically by being a member of the Biola Fellowship. This is a group of faithful donors who invest monthly in the distinctive ministries of the Bible Institute of Loe Angeles, Inc. Specific monthly amounts are not set; this is a matter between you and the Lord. In maintaining this 53 year old work for the Saviour, we have found that faithfulness on the part of God’s stewards is the important thing. You are invited to become co-laborers with us in this vital testimony. The invest­ ment you make will bring you this publication monthly, hereafter, without your request If you are already a member of the Fellowship and have received an extra

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