Biola Broadcaster - 1963-09

A MISSIONARY MINUTE Listen one minute to the tick of the clock Listen one fninute and interpret its talk. A soul for each TICK, a soul passed away SIXT Y SOULS, for each minute — and thousands each day While you#re lingering perchance, un­ moved by the throng In ceaseless procession thus passing along To a Christless ETERNITY — a terrible doom Though in heaven for each there is plenty of room. To eternity they go, yea, thousands a day Because — IS IT TRUE? — we are CEASING TO PRAY? Would God He would FIRE us and scatter abroad By prayer, or in person A L L those who love God. Oh that HE would send to some dis­ tant shore, Some of OUR members, to be fol­ lowed by more! IF HE CALLS— will YOU GO? Are you willing to say, " I am THINE, precious Lord, — Thy call to obey/' — Thomas E. Stephens

SATISFIED The Psalmist declared, “When I awake w ith Thy likeness, 1 shall be satisfied.” This is an age of conveni­ ence. Think of all the modern inven­ tions and devices designed to satisfy the whims of men. The Friends tell the story of an old Quaker who put a sign on a vacant piece of ground he had. It read, “1 hereby promise to give this lot to anyone who can prove that he is truly satisfied.” In less than an hour there was a knock at his door. A wealthy nearby farmer said he had come to claim the property. He felt he was qualified; he had everything he wanted. The Quaker asked him, “And art thou really satisfied?1’ The farmer quickly answered, “Yes, of course! I have everything l need. I’m perfectly satisfied.” The Quaker smiled and responded, “O friend, if thou art satisfied, then what dost thou want w ith my lot?” We need to learn the lesson that it is much better to appreci­ ate things we do not have, than to have things we do not appreciate, W ith the Psalmist may we say, “When l awake with thy likeness, 1 shall be satisfied.” THIS I KNOW I cannot know what may come next Across my pilgrim way; I cannot know tomorrow's road Nor see beyond today; Of this I'm sure— my Saviour knows The path I cannot see; And I can trust Him all the way To guide and care for me. I cannot know what may befall Of sunshine or of rain; I cannot know what may be mine Of pleasure or of pain; But this I know——my Saviour knows Whatever it shall be; That I can trust my loving Lord To give what's best for me.


Lieutenant Peter Mulgrew, a mem­ ber of the Royal New Zealand Navy, recently lost both legs and several fin­ gers in an attempt to climb a 27,820 foot peak in the Alps. What w ill be his reward for this risk? It amounts to a brief notice in the newspaper and perhaps a small government pension. As soldiers for Christ, are we willing to sacrifice in such a manner for the Lord Jesus? An attitude of spiritual adventure for Christ is little known today. How else can the lost be reached for Christ? Every day 120,000 people die. The vast majority, possibly as much as 97%, go out of this world never knowing of Jesus Christ, the only Sav­ iour. “Awake to righteousness and sin not•' for many have not the knowl­ edge of Christ!” 29

I cannot know what may await Or what tomorrow brings; But with His all-sufficient grace I hail its coming wings; And this I know that in my Lord M y every need is met; And I1can trust Him all the way Who has not 'failed me yet.

— Martha F. Roth.

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