Biola Broadcaster - 1963-09

Grieve not because the eyes that looked upon you Shall never see your face on earth again. Rejoice because they look upon the Saviour, Who gave His life to ransom sinful men. Weep not because I walk no longer with you, Remember, I am walking streets of gold. Weep for yourselves that you awhile must tarry. Before the blessed Lord you may behold. * * * It isn't how high you go in life that counts, but how you get there. * * * A HEART SEARCHING PRAYER LORD, when I am weary with toiling And burdensome seem thy commands, If my load should lead to complain­ ing, LORD, show me Thy hands. Thy nail-pierced hands, Thy cross-torn hands, M y Saviour, show me thy hands. LORD, if ever my footsteps should falter. And I be prepared for retreat; If desert and thorn cause lamenting, LORD, show me Thy feet, Thy bleeding feet, Thy nail-scarred feet, My Jesus, show me Thy feet. LORD, when I am sorely wounded, With the battle and toil of the day, And I complain of my suffering. LORD, let me hear Thee say, ''Behold M y side, M y spear-pierced side, My side that was wounded for thee." M y God, dare I show Thee My hands and my feet? * * * When driving, the car to watch is the car behind the car in front of you.

BUT NOT ON SUNDAY NIGHT I love the church that Jesus bought, And know that it is right; f go there on Sunday morning But not on Sunday night. I love to sing the songs of God, Such worship must be right. This I do on Sunday morn. But not on Sunday night. God bless the preacher, too, And give him power and might To put the sinner in his place But I won't be there Sunday night. I love to hear the Gospel, too, It gives me pure delight; I hear it on Sunday morning, But not on Sunday night I know I need more strength To keep me in the fight; For help I come on Sunday morn. But not on Sunday night. Some people can talk Christianity by the yard who can't walk it by the inch. * * * WHEN I HAVE GONE When I have gone, remember I'm with Jesus. Then do not grieve because I've passed away. Life holds so many griefs and disap­ pointments. And, will you weep because I did not stay? 'Tis only for a spell we must be parted. Not many years on earth to us are given. And when my Saviour tells me you are coming, I'll go with Him and welcome you to Heaven. Yes, we must all die, I hope I will be right, So may I die on Sunday morn, But not on Sunday night.


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