Biola Broadcaster - 1963-09

You will never get ahead of any­ one as long as you are trying to get even with him. * * * THE BROKEN ROPE A group of men were descending from one of the highest peaks in the Alps. The leader lost his foothold, slip­ ping over the ledge. The shock was so tremendous that the next two were also hurled to death. Fortunately the others had a moment to catch their balance and stood firm. The cord snapped like thread. Those who were spared this fatal fall, equivalent to the height of a 400 story building, stood motionless, petrified and afraid to move. The guide went to pieces He wept inconsolably. The rest had to lead him over the dangerous precipice. When they reach­ ed camp below the broken rope was examined. Alpine ropes ordinarily shouldn’t break, even with the weight of three men. Climbers use those which have a red strand running through them. For some reason, this one had none. Why? No doubt there is a guide whose mind continues to carry the hor­ rifying picture of three men falling into a chasm of death. Similarly, a Christless Christianity and a bloodless Gospel w ill only lead men into the yawning depths from which there is no possible release or return. Hell awaits the unbeliever. God’s Word has a red strand of redemption running through it, if we w ill claim Christ’s finished work on calvary for our own. h h h The secret of patience is doing something else in the meantime. h * * POSSESSING PROMISES Travel reports indicate that a record number of Americans are going to Eur­ ope this summer. Air travel has caused the Atlantic to shrink to but a few horns. Tourists to the British Isles en­ joy making a visit to the tower of Lon­ don where they may view the jewel- house and the gorgeous gems of the crown of England. Although most any­ one would desire to possess them, they are only to be seen; naturally they are carefully under guard and scrutiny at

all times. Common folk like us will probably never have the opportunity of even touching them. Spiritually speaking such is unfortunately true with all too many believers who treat the promises of God in the same man­ ner. We read them; we are told that they are ours in Christ, but all we do is look at them day after day and go away ourselves spiritually shriveled and dry. A promise must be claimed and appropriated in order to be fu l­ filled. Our Faith is as secure as the promises of God, and the Psalmist re­ minds us, “He remembers his hoi“f promises” (Psalm 105:42). * * * If you take care of yoOr character, your reputation will not be of ques­ tion. * * * HOW GOD CAN USE YOU Discouragements are common to all of us. We sometimes get to thinking that we have taken the wrong turn somewhere along life’s pathway, and as a result we haven’t achieved that which we have felt we might. Life has now become dull, drab, and uninter­ esting. Listen to the testimony of one man who took his eyes off himself and focused them on the Saviour. “I’m con­ vinced the Lord looked down from heaven one day and said, ‘Where can I find the weakest and the littlest man on the face of the earth?’ Then He saw me and said, ‘I’ve found him and I’ll work through him. He’ll not be proud because he’ll see that 1 am using him because and in spite of his insignifi­ cance. ” Peter suggests, “Be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble. Doubtless the Lord has something for you to do today for His own glory. Accept the challenge; turn your eyes off of self and the failures of the past. For, “God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work” (II Corinthians 9:8). * * * It is not enough to love flowers you must also hate the weeds. 35

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