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What to Keep, Gift, Donate, and Throw Out A GUIDE TO DOWNSIZING

before anything is thrown out. Your kids may value certain items more than you ever realized. If you suspect a certain heirloom could be a source of contention, it’s best to hold on to it and make it part of your estate plan. Only Keep the Essentials After completing the first three steps, you should be left with only those items you actually use and those that have the most sentimental value to you. These are the objects worth bringing to your new home. Bonus Tip: Color Code Each Category Odds are that you’ll find junk and valuables stored right next to each other. If you don’t have time to physically separate them at the moment, use different colored Post-it notes to keep everything organized when it comes time to move.

Many homeowners reach a point in their lives when they’re ready to move from the house they raised their families in to something

smaller and more manageable. While finding the right place can be a challenge, the hardest part of downsizing is often sorting through a lifetime’s worth of possessions. This process, called contents downsizing, is much easier when you follow this four-step system.

many worthy organizations, such as Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or St. Vincent de Paul. Donations are a way to give back to the less fortunate instead of simply giving or throwing things away. Give Gifts to Loved Ones If you have children, they will undoubtedly want to keep a few cherished mementos and precious possessions. Deciding who will keep what can be a sensitive subject, so you’ll need to devise an equitable way to divvy up the goods. Some families engage in the process collaboratively, but there should always be some communication

Start With the Junk Beginning your downsizing with the hardest items will only lead to frustration and inaction. Instead, start by tackling areas of the house that are full of documents, knickknacks, and boxes you haven’t touched in years. These will be the easiest to part with and will put you in the right downsizing mindset. Donate Unwanted Items The next category contains items that are no longer valuable to you or your family but may be useful to others. These items can be donated to one of What Our Patients Say Dr. Alff is amazing! I can’t believe what a difference chiropractic care has made for my overall health. Tension headaches and migraines were commonplace in my life until I began chiropractic treatment. Sure, I was very skeptical at first. How could an adjustment of my back make my headaches disappear? But that’s exactly what has happened. Not only do I experience next to no headaches compared to a past average of 1–3 headaches per week, but I also have such renewed energy and stamina. The stresses of my career and life in general do not wreak the havoc they used Julie Shares Her Story

discs, and nerves. It has made such an incredible difference in my health and attitude. Thank you! –Julie

to on my body. Regular adjustments help me stay healthy, focused, and balanced. I am grateful to Dr. Alff and his wonderful staff for teaching me about the importance of caring for my spine, 2

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