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Everything I Know The Man Who Taught Me

Celebrating My Mentor, Dr. George Curry

Whether they’re willing to admit it or not, every person who’s happy with their lives has a long list of people to thank for their success. Though we sometimes don’t even realize it, these mentors give us the guidance that steers us along the right path and offer encouragement when times get tough. Others just show us the ropes when we have no idea what we’re doing. I can say without a doubt that without Dr. George Curry, a chiropractor here inWindsor who was a tremendous influence on my practice, it’s difficult to imagine where I’d be today.

own. Of course, when guidance was needed, he was there, but he trusted me enough to allow me to learn by doing, for which I’ll forever be grateful.

He was a lot like a coach in many ways. For instance, he would often avoid speaking to any of his associates unless he absolutely needed to. I’d learn about his storied life

and background later on, but I definitely didn’t get any fascinating personal details from him directly. But when he had advice for you, he was completely open, and would help you figure out whatever you needed to know. It was an invaluable 3 1/2 years of learning from one of the best in the business.

... Dr. Curry would tend to leave me to my own devices, forcing me to figure it out on my own.”

When I first graduated from chiropractic school, I had a dream of starting my own practice but wasn’t sure just what to do right away. But my aunt had been seeing a chiropractor here inWindsor for years and noticed he was frequently taking associates under his wing and giving them a crash course in applied chiropractic care. So, I applied for a job at his practice, and I was hired and thrown right into the deep end of the career I would make my life’s work. Dr. Curry is an interesting guy, with a huge amount of experience in the field. Every day working with himwas an eye-opening experience. I constantly faced new challenges, requiring new thinking and a fresh approach to treatment. But instead of spelling every little step out for me and doing the work for me, Dr. Curry tended to leave me to my own devices, forcing me to figure it out on my

To this day, we still keep in touch. Once or twice a year, we’ll cover one another’s offices when the other is on vacation. I remember once, almost 13 years after I’d struck out on my own, I went back to work in his office for a day while he was gone. The phone was ringing off the hook with patients who had remembered me from before! “You made it busier!” he told me gruffly. It’s a good feeling to know that I made an impact on my patients’ lives, but honestly, I know that I have Dr. Curry to thank for teaching me when I was new to the profession. I may have been a little slower than most back then, and I definitely tested his patience every now and then, but I’m incredibly grateful that he kept me on and taught me nearly everything I know. –Dr. Chris Colby


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