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Conquering the Difficult Road



M y journey hasn’t been the easiest. I immigrated to this country from Iran when I was 15 years old, and I’ve been a single mom since I was 29 years old. When I decided to go into dentistry, I was at a low point in my life. I needed a career and a better paycheck for my daughter and myself. I became a dental assistant first, but the dentist I was working for encouraged me to try dental hygiene. So, my 10-year-old daughter and I moved so I could attend Allegany College in the mountains of Cumberland, MD, and provide us with better options. It wasn’t an easy road. My family wasn’t available to help, and I was raising a daughter while attending classes, doing homework, and saving what money I could.

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ease in our practice and supporting employees to continually improve. It helps that I really like working with this team, too!

I love each one of my patients, and I enjoy developing these relationships. Having been here for seven years, I’ve gotten to know many families. I enjoy the trust we have built between one another and appreciate learning more about their lives. I want to hear how you’ve changed and grown in the past year. I want to hear about your children and grandchildren. Plus, I want to help you live a happier, healthier life when it comes to your oral health. "LIFE ISN’T ALWAYS EASY OR WITHOUT ITS ROADBLOCKS, BUT SOMETIMES I CAN’T HELP BUT BE IN AWE OF WHERE I’VE COME FROM." I’ve had the pleasure of watching Dr. Edmond Woo and Dr. Hokai Wang join our team. Together with Dr. K. Woo, they have created an office that runs smoother and remains updated on the latest technology and knowledge. Dr. K. Woo was always at the forefront of these efforts, and the addition of these two professionals has only bolstered that. When I look back on how far I’ve come, I don’t deny that it’s been a hard road, but I am grateful for where I am today. I enjoy the job I go to every day, my patients make each day better than the next, and my daughter and I are close. Life isn’t always easy or without its roadblocks, but sometimes I can’t help but be in awe of where I’ve come from. Thanks to all of you for being part of my journey. I’ve loved helping you for the past seven years, and I can’t wait to continue doing more.

But in the process of trying to provide a better life for my child, I discovered a real passion. When I found Dr. Kenneth Woo’s dental practice as a temporary employee, I found a place where I was happy and felt at home for the first time in my dental career. I’m proud to have been here for the past seven years now. The biggest factor in staying was Dr. Woo’s way of running his practice. He’s a very kind and personable dentist who gave me a lot of freedom to show what I was capable of doing. He set the standard for making patients feel at

–Avisha Soheili •

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Can You Feel the Love?

The Secret to Living a Longer, Healthier Life

Healthier Immune Systems Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found that calm, happy people can fight common colds and the flu more easily than those who are anxious or depressed. The physical benefits of love even go as far as healing wounds quicker. Small injuries inflicted on a wide test group at Ohio State University Medical Center healed nearly twice as fast on people who experienced consistent warmth and care than those who experienced hostility. In fact, the latter group needed almost a full additional day to achieve the same amount of healing as the first group. Longer, Happier Lives Being surrounded by love may even save your life. A statistic from the National Health Interview Survey states that single people face a 58% higher risk of mortality. Further bolstering that claim is the Harvard Health Blog, which claims happily married participants experience better health as they age when compared to peers in unhappy partnerships. In fact, the blog asserts, “People in stressful, unhappy marriages may be worse off than a single person who is surrounded by supportive and caring friends, family, and loved ones.” So, it seems the results are in: Loving someone is a healthy lifestyle choice. Even having a strong network of friends and family boosts your odds of living a long life by 50%. So, get out there and make the healthy choice for yourself and those around you by leading a life full of love.

The human

brain is an incredibly powerful organ. It solves complex problems, recalls forgotten

memories, and triggers a dizzying array of emotions. But its most incredible power is the effect it can have on the rest of the body. When it comes to love, well, our brains certainly love it, and our bodies reflect that.

Less Stress Human beings thrive on a sense of connection and belonging, and studies

have shown that love actually has positive effects on a person’s physical health as well as mental. The security and commitment felt in a loving relationship are shown to reduce stress by stunting the production of cortisol, the body’s stress-inducing hormone. Less stress means lower blood pressure, a healthier heart, and a lower risk of stroke, especially in men.

Your heart is a powerful little organ. It works day and night to make sure your body gets the oxygen and circulation it needs to survive, but for as vital as your heart is, it’s also very vulnerable. Your diet, activity level, habits, genetics, and teeth all play a role in its health. The Connections Between Your Oral and Cardiac Health MATTERS OF THE HEART For centuries, medicine and dentistry were not linked. It took research within the last century for many professionals to actively connect your mouth to your heart — and the rest of your body — and to understand that your mouth plays a big role in your health. Recent research has pointed to a correlation between the plaque that builds up along your gums, causing gingivitis and periodontitis, with heart disease. This combination is often worsened by a third factor, such as smoking or having a poor diet. Regular dental appointments, brushing, and flossing can be an extra defense against heart disease because as you clear away the plaque that can harm or destroy your mouth, the chances of this bacteria traveling throughout your body and causing further issues are limited. That’s right — your heart and teeth have more in common than you may think.

With this research in mind, a simple way to ensure you’re taking care of your heart is to also take care of your teeth. Luckily, many of the same habits that are good for your teeth are also good for your heart. For example, your teeth need foods that are dense in calcium, vitamins A and D, and potassium. They also enjoy low-sugar snacks. Likewise, your heart needs low-sugar foods, potassium, and vitamin D to thrive. To enjoy foods your heart and your chompers will appreciate, look for leafy greens or low-sugar dairy products. And while you’re monitoring what you consume, your heart and teeth will appreciate you not smoking and only enjoying alcohol moderately. Your mouth is a gateway to the remainder of your body, and its connections don’t stop at the heart. To learn more about how your oral health can impact your overall health, visit, and call 301.993.1833 or 240.683.3833 to schedule your appointment today. Your teeth and your heart will thank you!


Sparkling Review! "I went in because I popped a crown out and my regular dentist couldn’t see me for two weeks. I was scared to wait. When I arrived at Woo Wang Dental, the friendly staff greeted me and was very helpful during my appointment. I was very relaxed and I had questions about two other teeth as well. My questions were answered and my cap was put back on. The prices are very reasonable and I’m switching dentists, going back in a few weeks to fix other teeth. The dentist and assistants were very friendly and gentle. Fantastic office all around!"

Extra Reasons to Celebrate


F ebruary is a special month for many reasons. Between Valentine’s Day and American Heart Health Month, there are plenty of things to celebrate, and this year, there’s one more: leap day. Spend your extra day with those you love exploring these ideas. For Young Families

Use this occasion to educate your little ones about this strange extra day. Learn all about Julius Caesar and why he and his astronomers saw the need for an extra day every four years. Or, if you have a little mathematician, dive into why some years that should have a leap day don’t have one. (Hint: It has to do with divisible numbers!) You could even make a time capsule for the next leap day. Have each family member fill it with a letter to themselves and a few trinkets that signify their life right now. In 2024, crack the capsule open and enjoy all the leap day treasures. For Romantic Partners St. Bridget had a problem. It was the 13th century, and women still weren’t allowed to propose. This seemed quite unfair, as St. Bridget explained to St. Patrick. As a compromise, St. Patrick agreed that women can have one day every four years to propose, giving leap day some romantic significance. In Europe, leap day is also known as Bachelor’s Day for this reason, and to this day, many women celebrate by dropping to one knee. So, if you were looking for the right time, take advantage this February. For Leaplings Happy birthday, leaplings! Today is your day to stuff four years’ worth of birthdays into one big celebration (no pressure). We want to encourage you to take this day to celebrate actually having a

–Helen W.

New Patient Special!


birthday by doing whatever you want. Throw a big bash with your friends and celebrate the age of the number of birthdays you’ve had. So, if this is your eighth birthday, throw a birthday party fit for an 8-year-old, complete with pillow

forts, bounce houses, and lots of cake. And there’s no shame in relishing the day from inside your own home. Fill your pantry with your favorite

snacks and settle into a Netflix binge with your family. Whatever you do, celebrate like you only get one birthday every four years!



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The Effects of Love on Your Physical Health Celebrate American Heart Health Month With These Cardiac and Dental Tips 2

Celebrate Leap Day With These Activities Our Clients Say It Best Get a Free Teeth-Whitening Kit! 3

International Eating Habits Every Family Will Enjoy! 4

STICK A FORK IN IT In the U.S., there’s nothing we love more than our large meat-and-potatoes dinners, but, according to nutritional experts, American-style meals are expanding our waistlines


boast health benefits. Common ingredients like ginger and turmeric can decrease inflammation in the body while curry powder can aid in digestion and strengthen your bones and heart. You Try It: Using your own spices, have a spice-blending competition. Taste-test the creations and decide which recipes are good enough for a repeat and which ones will go down in family history as lofty experiments. Who knows? You may just discover your family’s next favorite meal. Mexico: The Lunch Diners in Mexico often step away from the hustle and bustle of their busy days to enjoy their largest meal of the day: lunch. Though it may surprise you, this cultural tradition has surprising health benefits. Nutritional experts point to making lunch the largest meal of the day as the healthiest dining option, especially to control weight. More calories at lunch keep hunger at bay, which means less afternoon snacking and fewer daily calories overall, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. You Try It: Short of packing bigger lunches for your kiddos, try out this style of eating during the weekends. Enjoy large, family- style midday meals and smaller dinners with your loved ones on Saturdays and Sundays to reap the nutritional benefits of a large lunch.

and leading to chronic medical conditions. Push back against these unhealthy habits by checking out these healthier food traditions from around the globe that your whole family will enjoy. Japan: The Appearance In Japanese culture, an emphasis is placed on the look and color of the meal instead of the portion size. Japanese chefs opt for smaller portions of colorful fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish to create gorgeous, nutrient-packed meals. The result is a dish that is as beautiful as it is nutritious.

You Try It: Learn the art of making sushi and other Japanese meals with your family. See what creative combinations your family can create, and vote for the best one! As an added bonus, since portions are small, meals are easily transportable to school and work.

India: The Spice Delicious spices comprise the bold flavors in traditional Indian dishes, and many even

For more information and tips on how to transform your eating habits, visit

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