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Military Medics and Corpsmen Program Virginia Department of Veterans Services

Employing Military Medics and Corpsmen in Virginia Hospitals Today Military medics and corpsmen receive extensive and valuable health care training while on active duty. When they transition to civilian life, their military health care experiences may not easily translate into comparable certifications/licenses required for health care jobs, creating barriers to rapid employment in the civilian health care field Efforts are already underway to translate veterans’ military experience into academic credit and shorten the pathway to obtaining various civilian credentials. However, in health care, veterans may still need to spend two or more years in school before they can obtain a credential. The Military Medics and Corpsmen Program (MMAC) will work with Virginia health care employers to facilitate the hiring of highly skilled military medics and corpsmen immediately upon completion of their military service. This will help fill workforce gaps for employers while keeping veterans’ clinical skills up-to-date and allow Virginia employers to recruit motivated employees from a pipeline of 11,000 medics and corpsmen who transition out of the military every year.

Virginia is the first state to offer this kind of innovative pathway for these highly skilled veterans. This in turn will draw even more veterans to Virginia since the program provides immediate employment by creating a path to employability and builds a healthcare workforce for the future that meets current employment challenges.

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