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What a difference a year makes. On January 3, 2018 we had snow for the first time in a long time. This year it was 80 degrees. So much for winter.

THE 4 TYPES OF EXERCISE And Why You Need Them All

Wow, one month down in 2019.

This is starting to be another fast year. You know things are moving fast when your daughter tells you life is moving too quickly. Both of my children have recently started basketball. This is the first year for both to play. As a portly young lad, I loved basketball, I got the benefit of exercise while having the fun of playing a game. What a concept. I am probably less portly today due to basketball. In fact, I may need to start playing again after the holidays!

From the Thighmaster to the ShakeWeight, every era has had its own ridiculous fitness fads. However, in a world that’s increasingly obsessed with health and fitness, silly, single-use items have given way to complex workout methodologies. Instructors and gyms now offer varying programs for success, and each will tell you their system is the best way to get and stay fit. While the debate over the best way to work out continues to rage on, one thing remains indisputable: Exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle. According to the Harvard Health Letter, there are four types of exercise everyone should do. Each provides unique benefits to your overall health and wellness. Rather than deciding that one is better than the others, it’s smart to make sure you’re mixing them all regularly. “People do what they enjoy, or what feels the most effective, so some aspects of exercise and fitness are ignored,”says Rachel Wilson of Brigham andWomen’s Hospital. Don’t end up overlooking an integral aspect of any well-rounded fitness regimen. Examine the four most important types of exercise and ask yourself if you’re getting enough of each. Aerobic exercise, which comprises any cardiovascular conditioning (cardio), speeds up your heart rate and breathing. Whether through walking, swimming, running, cycling, or another mode of repetitive movement, cardio increases your endurance and works out your heart and lungs. Your cardiovascular system is the pump supplying fuel to your muscles. If it’s not firing on all cylinders, you’ll never perform at your best. That’s why regular aerobic exercise is so important. As Anthony Joshua, the heavyweight champion of the world, says,“Cardio is a nice way to start the morning … it’s good to get up, get the body active.” Aerobic Exercise

Happy Valentines’ day this month the shortest and fastest one of the year.

Recently, we have had several family members working hard to overcome some setbacks. Any kind thoughts you can send our way is most appreciated.

Make it a Great Month!

Be happy with what you have as you could have so much less.

-Ty Wilson

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