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JAN 2018


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As a native Californian, it’s an honor to serve you in this great state. Our firm takes pride in providing you with representation that will fight for your case. The recognition we’ve received, like being elected to the list of 10 best attorneys in California in the area of client satisfaction, comes after we’ve put in many hours of hard work and dedication to your cases. Outside of the courtroom, I spend most of my time with my kids. I love to sing, and our family likes to play music at home. I play the piano and bass guitar, and my son plays the guitar, sax, and piano. He’s always picking up something new. We even put on mini concerts at home. Don’t be surprised if we start a YouTube channel! Really, though, we do it because we love it. My daughter goes to UC Riverside, and one of the greatest joys of my life is to watch her and her brother grow up and find their own passions. While I don’t know if either of them will become lawyers, as long as they find something they love to do, I’ll be happy for them. These days, I don’t play much basketball or baseball. I prefer to challenge my greatest competitor — myself. I like to push myself and see how far I can go. Running fulfills my need to move, and I’ve done a few marathons and half- marathons now. I’ve also found fulfillment and discipline in martial arts, pursuing taekwondo all the way to a black belt. I told you I was competitive, didn’t I? But like music, we don’t practice for the recognition, for the awards, or for a belt. We practice because we love what we do, and because we have a passion that drives us to be our best. We want to be a better option when you or your loved ones are in need of representation. BETTER

I’ve always been an athlete. From baseball to basketball, I love the art of competition. There’s a strategy to sports that I’ve found applicable to law, so being a lawyer has allowed me to utilize my competitiveness off the field. Before I became a lawyer, I enforced another side of the law as a police officer. There were many aspects I enjoyed about that job, but I soon realized my interests would lead me in another direction. As a police officer, I found myself in court frequently to testify on behalf of the prosecution. The more time I spent in court, the more I wanted to be on the other side, to be the person presenting evidence, making a case for someone who needs a voice. So I went to law school, where I could delve into some of the concepts I’d only observed as a police officer, and my excitement for practicing law has never dwindled.

A few years ago, I was asked to be a guest lecturer at Stanford. Sharing my passion with a room full of future lawyers? I loved it! I’m sure all the students could tell how enthusiastic I was — I talked too much and too fast. I’ve learned not to do that in the courtroom, but it was hard not to gush about my favorite subject in a classroom full of pre-law college kids. “We practice because we love what we do, and because we have a passion that drives us to be our best.”

The only way to get better at anything is to practice, right?

Until next month,

–Amiel Wade

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