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In this article, Jérémy Picot-Clémente , EPIC’s Photonics Technologies Program Manager, talks to Steven Goetstouwers , CEO of Admesy, a Netherlands-based producer of light and colour measurement devices for analytical applications and display measurements. STEVEN GOETSTOUWERS, ADMESY

What’s the background to your appointment as CEO of Admesy? After graduating with a BSc in Business Engineering from Hasselt University in Belgium in

company and the two remaining founders asked me If I would take over as CEO. As they explained, they’d come to recognise that neither of them had the personality or the inclination to get up on stage and sell the company. I’d known them and the company for 6 years, we got on well, and as I was looking for a new challenge, so I gladly accepted.

market is consumer electronics, which is mainly display related. We offer a full range of products for display measurements from very basic light meters to a colorimeter to establish the colour point, and even high speed 2D imaging solution to check for uniformity. We also produce high-end spectrometers that we build in volumes so we can offer them in the mid-end price range. We cover a very broad range of applications but generally for devices that require accuracy and high-speed. Our customers are mainly consumer electronics manufacturers, such as smart phone manufacturers and their supply chain, and we deliver to the major consumer electronic brands. We also sell to other applications like automotive but in smaller volumes.



2002, I studied a master’s in International Business Sciences at Maastricht University. I then worked briefly for the University’s Business School, and in 2006, I joined LIOF, the Limburg Development and Investment Company as an investment manager. I was responsible for investigating and analysing investment opportunities and following up investments for high tech start-ups in the southern Netherlands. Shortly after I started, I was contacted by three people who were working at Phillips on mobile display systems. They wanted to set up a company to produce spectrometers and colorimeters that would serve as effective display testing solutions that were urgently required by display manufacturers particularly for the consumer market. I helped them obtain the necessary funding and in 2006, they set up Admesy. As Admesy’s account manager I would visit them a couple of times a year to see how things were going and help out a little bit by providing some financial coaching and making suggestions. In 2012, one of the founders, who had adopted the general manager role, decided to leave the

How is the company structured and what are your main products? Worldwide, we have a workforce of 42: 34 in our headquarters here in the Netherlands, where



we do R&D and production with four sales support people in China, three in Korea and one in Japan. Our main

Admesy’s Neo spectrometer




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