Men all Need to Be Caring, Actively - Engaged, Vested and Encouraged


October 2023

2023 M.A.N. C.A.V.E. FATHERHOOD SUMMIT Letter from Project Director

Enjoy the Moment of Now During a Nurturing Fathers session, I asked the question, “ What are you struggling with that you want to change ”?

I started thinking about how much of my time is spent speeding through life. I can tell you firsthand, that a large portion of my life has been spent moving way too fast. I spend a lot of time being preoccupied and thinking about how my future might play out or thinking about things that happened in the past. Why do I do this? Why do we do this? Why do we spend so much of our time looking to the future and wondering how our lives might be different? Or looking into the past and analyzing how or why things happened the way they did? All that we need to live for is TODAY - RIGHT NOW. There is a proverb that says, “ Don't brag about tomorrow, since you don't know what the day will bring. Today, lets "Enjoy the Journey". What does that really mean? "Enjoy the Journey" means that whatever happens in your life, regardless of whether it's good or bad, you've got to embrace it. The absolute most important part of life is enjoying the "going" part of the journey, not the actual destination itself. I realize I need to SLOW DOWN, pay attention, and enjoy my life right now, exactly as it is. And this is true for being a father, as well. When I am not working or facilitating a Nurturing Fathers or Marriage & Parenting program, I like to release my stress by working out. Understand, my comfort zone is training that's tough, hard, and fast. I can go into the gym and pound out a killer workout and in 45 minutes I ’ m drenched and lying on the floor, crying like a baby. That's easy! That ’ s extreme! My wife tells me, “ I take everything to the extreme ”. For me, it's much more challenging to slow down.


October 2023

It ’ s one of the reasons I enjoy just hanging out at home. Hanging out with my family teaches me to be present in the moment. Life can be so hectic and busy. There are times our bodies are in one location, but our mind is on to the next task. If I am not present in that moment, I miss the opportunities to enjoy the challenges and achievements of being a nurturing husband and father. You may not believe this but when you think about being a “ nurturer ” it teaches you to be present in the moment. How, you ask? Let me explain. You must be completely present, focused on what you're doing, and not preoccupied with other things. It teaches you that each day brings about different challenges and opportunities to nurture relationships with your wife or partner and your kids. Every day is a new experience, not based on yesterday ’ s experience or tomorrow ’ s challenges. Think about this, "People are always looking for a quick fix in life ”. Life is a process, a journey. Everything in life that's worth having is achieved by putting in work in the moment. The past is behind you, the future is ahead of you, but the “ present ” is a gift. The gift is the journey. Let ’ s enjoy the process of getting there rather than worrying about how fast we can arrive at our destination. Today, we see parents today giving up their parental authority and allowing their kids to make decisions that should be made by the parents. Why? Because their focus is on everything else other than parenting their kids in the moment. The process of being in the moment is life. SLOW DOWN. Focus on right now. Enjoy and embrace everything you can about today. Tomorrow will worry about itself, and the only thing you can change about the past is how you react to the memory of it. There are no expectations or limitations to what you can accomplish as a nurturing father (parent), and embracing what you can do in the moment is where the enjoyment is the fullest! What you can do in the moment will impact your family. As a nurturing father that impact will influence your child ’ s social / emotional and cognitive development. You may not see the influence today but over the course of time you will see, hear, and experience the results of being a nurturing father, in the moment. Let me quote Barbara Johnson, in closing. “ To be in your children ’ s memories tomorrow, you must be in their lives today. ”

Marion Hill Marion Hill M.A.N.C.A.V.E. Project Director

MISSION To improve the well - being of children by increasing the number of children growing up with engaged, committed, and responsible fathers or male role models in their lives. VISION To take a leadership role and commit to fostering the positive relationship of fathers - or male role models with their children. We promote the important roles both parents – mothers and fathers– and in doing so, improve the lives of children and families. FATHER “ ENGAGEMENT ” Makes a commitment to a partnership that is rooted in positive relationships. With involvement, there is an emphasis on being present, with engagement, there is a focus on creating and sustaining ongoing relationships. The intent is to support families and to benefit children ’ s learning and development

“ When you teach your son, you teach your son ’ s son ” - The Talmud

TEXT “ FATHERHOOD ” TO (602) 932 - 6633 Men all Need to Be Caring, Actively - Engaged, Vested and Encouraged

TEXT “ fatherhood" to (602) 932 - 6633

“ M.A.N.C.A.V.E. is a partnership between the City of Phoenix Human Services Department, the Greater Phoenix Urban League, My Brother ’ s Keeper, and now, Booker T. Washington Child Development Center. Whether in - person or virtually, M.A.N.C.A.V.E., provides services that promote responsible fatherhood, healthy marriages, and economic mobility. • The Nurturing Fathers Program provides an opportunity for men to come together to build or enhance their parenting and nurturing skills. • The Marriage and Parenting Program focuses on strengthening the couple (married or unmar- ried) through a shared exploration of parenting attitudes and skills. • Local resources and community partnerships allow us to work with families that are interested in seeking employment and economic mobility. The MC Fatherhood Program seeks to take a leadership role and commits to fostering the positive relationship of fathers with their children and families through innovative services and programming. Join the M.A.N. C.A.V.E. movement by text to receive free tips, information and resources to support responsible fatherhood, healthy marriages and economic mobility. Text “ fatherhood" to (602) 932 - 6633. You can contact us at www.gphxul.org/contact, info@btwchild.org or mancaveprogram@gmail.com

Summit Registration Information

“ We can teach anyone anything, once we get their attention. ” - Dr. Adolph Brown


There is a great deal of evidence indicating that fathers play an important role in healthy child development and family stability. A father's positive involvement in the life of his child, both by direct engagement with the child and positive engagement with the mother, can lead to better child outcomes in a number of areas:

· Contribution to Early Childhood Development

· Economic Contribution to Health and Development of Children

· Contribution to Family Stability and Well - Being

Eight years ago, I began this journey to create a platform to educate, motivate and inspire fathers and male role models. Additionally, I wanted to educate, motivate, and inspire anyone that was working with fathers. A vision was had in 2015 and M.A.N.C.A.V.E was born in 2016 with the first fatherhood summit. Eight years later, after the implementation of the Nurturing Fathers program, Marriage & Parenting program, Healthy Manhood, collaborations, partnerships, national speaking engagements, boy crisis awareness, and breaking out of the man box pilot, the 8th annual Fatherhood Summit is just around the corner.

Let me take this opportunity to introduce some of our keynote speakers and workshop facilitators.


Dr. Adolph Brown, III without a doubt, offers the most uniquely inspiring, relevant and entertaining presentations around. He is an American urban and rural school educator, author, research - scientist, businessman, and keynote speaker. His is also the cohost of the ABC show "The Parent Test."

He is a servant - leader at heart, and is admired around the world for his simple and direct "Real Talk," and powerful, universal and timeless teachings. Dr. Brown is best known for inspiring all who hear him to learn, laugh and lead, while simultaneously reducing implicit bias at every turn.

He is the leading provider of anti - bias training in business and education.

Dr. Brown knows that understanding structural inequities is only the start, however dismantling the foundations from which these structures are built leads to solutions. He is highly regarded as the "balcony" leadership speaker who gets you from where you are to where you want to be. Also as a credentialed Master Teacher, he helps teachers reach every student. As a much sought - after and highly effective Unconscious Bias, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion keynote speaker, Dr. Brown skillfully addresses the impact of stereotypes. He credits much of his success to the luxury of humble beginnings of being reared by a single parent mother in abject poverty of the inner city housing projects infested with gangs, drugs and violence. His oldest sibling and only brother Oscar was murdered when Adolph was only eleven years old. Young Adolph often received a respite when he was sent to spend summers with his grandfather in rural farming country, and when he was sent to the library for time - outs in elementary school. Adolph became the first in his family of five to participate in Head Start, graduate high school, and attend college. Nowadays as a Master Teacher, Dr. Adolph Brown shines in the classroom and in research. He is in the top 1% of world - class scholar teachers based on peer - reviews, nominations, teaching performance, teaching awards, published evaluations and ratings from American's best schools, colleges and universities. He is recognized as one of the top 10 most influential thought leaders in America. Although he does not consider himself a motivational speaker, he was selected as one of the top motivational and inspirational speakers in America as well. Dr. Brown is the author of acclaimed books, including the international mental wellness best sell- er, Two Backpacks. Other best sellers authored by Dr. Brown include a business soft skills classic - Championship Habits; and the education classic - Real Talk. He is also the co - author with his third grade teacher of a children's book, It's Gonna Be A Great Day! for youth. His trainings have withstood the test of time with audiences all over the world and he is still extremely passionate and committed to helping others "Learn, Laugh & Lead' in all walks of life while spreading “ Love, Light and Insight ” wherever he goes. These tour de force performances helped establish him as a sterling international stage presence .

“ We can teach anyone anything, once we get their attention. ” - Dr. Adolph Brown


Coordinator of Healthy Manhood Initiatives

Jesus “ Chucho ” Ruiz Vai Sevoi – Eudeve (Opata) Tlamanalcah is the son of Leonor and Juventino, partner of Maria Molina Vai Sevoi, and father of six children. Over the past 20 years, Chucho has transformed the lives of countless youth through a La Cultura Cura approach through grassroots organizing and youth

engagement and later as an employee of Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC). Additionally, Chucho has served as a central facilitator of la tradición through his affirmation and maintenance of Nahua cultural practices and way of life, commitment to social justice, and obligation to the Tucson community. Chucho has served as a central facilitator of la tradición Nahua within the Calpolli Teoxicalli, a constellation of Nahua familias in Tlamanalco. Chucho has always answered the call to meet the needs in of the Chicana community as cultural advisor, authentic community leader, and “ barrio intellectual. ” Chucho has worked to create indigenous solidarity by building intertribal relationships with indigenous communities across Turtle Island. In the last seven years, Chucho has been intentional in engaging men and boys through his work, implementing A Call to Men ’ s Live Respect Coaching Healthy Manhood curriculum in several local high schools and also collaborating with local organization Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse, and specifically with Emerge ’ s Men Education Program, as a co - facilitator. Chucho founded the CHANTLACAH O.G. (Homies, Original Gente) talking circles and camp/gathering for young men/male - identified youth of color to discuss healthy masculinity. Chucho is the lead facilitator of A Call To Warriors, a monthly virtual community conversation series for Indigenous Men.

Chucho will keynote / facilitate a workshop at the fatherhood summit on Day 2 called, “ Breaking Out of the Man Box ”. If you have teenagers, you do not want to miss this workshop and discussion. More to come.

“ My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: He Believed in me. ” — Jim Valano

Shamiel Gary Father, collegiate athlete, NFL athlete, entrepreneur, and author. Shamiel Gary is one of the most highly sought after speakers in the world.

Shamiel has delivered hundreds of presentations to over 150,000 individuals in 30 different states. He is the author of multiple books and is passionate about helping each person show up fully available and present to attack each day head on. Today, he travels the country speaking to thousands of individuals in conferences, school assemblies, businesses, athletic programs, and other events inspiring each per- son to become the best version of themselves. Shamiel delivered an epic workshop for fathers at the Head Start Birth to Five Spring Gala in May. His presentation and words of encouragement had such an impact on the men that attended, we have asked him to come back for the fatherhood summit. Shamiel ’ s story will move you and motivate you at the same time. Don ’ t miss it! “ It is easier to build strong children that to repair broken men ” - Fredrick Douglass

Thurston M. Smith Thurston M. Smith is a distinguished development coach, captivating speaker, accomplished author, seasoned facilitator, and trusted consultant. His forte is demystifying intricate concepts, transforming them into easily relatable and comprehensible subjects. His insightful presentations have garnered acclaim from esteemed organizations such as Maricopa Big Speak Out and Toastmasters International, owing to his unwavering commitment to community development. Mr. Smith ’ s true passion lies in transforming people ’ s lives positively and enriching familial bonds.

Mr. Smith is an expert communicator who guides men toward gaining clarity and confidence in their family roles. He established Alpha Gentleman Lifestyle Development to equip men and boys with the tools they need to achieve their maximum potential. As a devoted father, Mr. Smith is deeply intrigued by the profound influence that effective parent- ing can have on a child ’ s development. His unshakable desire to make a lasting impact, especially in fathers ’ lives, has drawn him to become a certified Nurturing Fathers trainer and a citizen scientist of the Gurian Institute. His mission is to break the cycle of outdated parenting practices by engaging with fathers, fostering healthier relationships, enhancing communication skills, and cultivating greater emotional intelligence. Through thought - provoking workshops, impactful seminars, and personalized consultations, Mr. Smith is dedicated to empowering fathers to recognize their vast potential in shaping their children ’ s brains, thus contributing to a generation of emotionally intelligent and empathetic individuals.




National Fatherhood Initiative

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