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1a Module 1 Learning

1 Success Learning 1a Smart learners

How technology is changing learning

Test practice 5 a Read the test task and underline the key words. Questions 1–6 Answer the questions below. Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the passage for each answer. 1 What software can help students to see processes that are too rapid to show in the classroom? 2 Using software, what can students create that will help them learn more about electricity usage? 3 What can teachers give to students that has helpful activities that stay up to date? 4 What technology can students use to study with students in other countries? 5 In what type of software do students look at actual situations? 6 What can lessons that are unlike the usual class activities teach creative people? b Look at question 1 in the test task. Follow these steps to answer it. 1 Look at the key words you underlined and your answers to Exercise 4. 2 Find the part of the passage that contains the answer. 3 What is the correct answer? 4 Check the number of words in your answer. If there are more than two words, what can you leave out? c Answer questions 2–6 in the test task. Follow the steps in Exercise 5b for each question.  HELP 1 Rapid means ‘quick’. Which paragraph talks about processes that are too quick? What does the passage say teachers can use to explain these processes? 4 Look at the paragraph that talks about language lessons. How can students set up these lessons? 5 Actual means ‘real’. Which paragraph talks about real situations?

Reading (Short-answer questions)

 COURSEBOOK pages 8–9 and 18–19

Before you read 1

Look at the title of the passage, the introductory paragraph and the photo. What do you think the passage will be about? A how teachers assess students’ progress B how technology is changing what teachers do C how students use technology in the classroom

Technology is helping teachers to expand beyond traditional, text-based learning and to engage students who learn best in other ways. Its role in schools has developed from a ‘computer class’ into a versatile learning tool that could change how teachers demonstrate concepts, assign projects and assess students’ progress.

Find specific information 2

Task analysis 6 Answer the questions about the test task. 1 Did underlining the key words in the questions help you? How? 2 Look at the key words you underlined. Do the questions repeat the words in the passage? B Education, by its very nature, produces huge amounts of data and teachers can use this data to better understand what a student knows and what he or she still needs to learn. Furthermore, these measurements make it possible to provide every student with a constantly updating , personalised textbook, with exactly the exercises and information he or she needs to study in order to understand the course material and get ahead. A teacher can see exactly how well her students understood that tough biology lesson at the beginning of the week. She can see that Jane needs extra help understanding cell biology, and can look at what percentage of her students are prepared for next month’s exam. A It can be hard to show students some concepts such as exactly why mixing two particular chemicals is dangerous. *Digital simulations can help teachers explain concepts that are too big or too small, or processes that happen too quickly or too slowly to demonstrate in a classroom. Simulations allow students to experiment with virtual greenhouses in order to understand how plants develop. Other software helps students understand the physics of energy eciency by designing a model house. These are all concepts that are much harder to understand by simply reading.

C Technology also helps to make the world a smaller place. Language students can use video conferencing to attend lessons with native speakers living in other countries. In the past, only students who could aord to travel had the experience of learning a foreign language and about another culture. Now the educational benefits of interaction with a native speaker are available to anyone who can make a video conferencing call. D Games are another great way technology has improved the learning experience. There are games that put students in roles like hotel manager, teacher or scientist and ask them to solve real problems. In one game, students are directors of a video game company who need to develop and market a new game. In another, the game gives students the task of designing a new transport system for London. People working in dierent industries can learn innovative thinking through these games. Unlike in traditional classrooms, they develop practical skills by working together to solve real-world problems.

Read the passage quickly and check your answer to Exercise 1. Then choose the correct answer in the question below. What is the purpose of the passage?

A to describe results B to give an opinion C to give advice

TEST STRATEGY Practise dealing with unfamiliar vocabulary by trying to work out the meaning of a new word in a passage before you check in a dictionary. Read the text around the word and think about the context. This might help you work out the meaning of any words you don’t know. 3 Look at the words in bold in the passage. Can you guess their meaning? If not, check in a dictionary before you read again. 4 Read the passage again. Match these key ideas (1–6) with the paragraphs (A–D). 1 how technology helps teachers check understanding 2 how technology can improve international communication and understanding 3 how games can help learning 4 how technology can show difficult ideas to students 5 how non-traditional teaching methods are suitable for creative people 6 how designing something themselves helps students understand scientific facts

*digital simulation: a situation in which computer software is used to produce conditions that are similar to real ones, especially in order to study or test something

TEST STRATEGY Don’t change the word or phrase in any way. Copy it exactly from the passage.

3 How did you identify the actual words needed for each answer? 4 Did you use more than two words in any of your answers?



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