Digital Print Ink - September 2019

The World’s Wackiest Homes


It doesn’t always take a master architect to create a breathtaking home. Some homeowners have shunned suburban domiciles and, with a little artistic vision and a lot of determination, built homes that capture their identities. Quirky, meticulously constructed, and always unique, here are a few of the world’s wackiest homes designed, and sometimes built, by their owners. FREEDOM COVE, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA When someone says they live on the water, they probably don’t mean they actually live on the water. But for artists Wayne Adams and Catherine King, the statement is literal. Freedom Cove, their remote, magenta-green island home, floats in Clayoquot Sound near Vancouver Island. They started building it from old, interlocking steel docks in 1991, and now it includes 15 platforms, four greenhouses, a guest house, an art workshop, and more. BAT CASA, SAN MIGUEL, MEXICO

human vertebrae, skeletal hands act as towel hooks in the bathroom, and tendril-like fixtures surround the living room couch. Perhaps the most out-of-character addition to the house is a large mural of the bat symbol painted on the garage door, which is the origin of the property’s name. HOBBIT HOUSE, INVERNESS-SHIRE, SCOTLAND Surprisingly, Stuart Grant’s cozy forest cottage was not inspired by the hobbit holes of “Lord of the Rings.” In fact, Grant built it over 15 years before the first movie was released. Still, it’s hard not to imagine some magical creature taking up residence in this house, which appears to be an extension of the forest itself. Gnarled tree trunks frame a circular door, moss coats the roof, and ivy covers most of the walls, all belying a cozy interior fit for many a hobbit meal or dwarf song.

These homes may not be for everyone, but that’s kind of the point. Each of these homes was built by a specific resident, for a specific resident. Still, you can’t help but be impressed by the determination of their owners to make something truly one of a kind.

The best word to describe this home is probably “anatomical.” That’s certainly the aesthetic movie set designer and Bat Casa resident Steve Rood was going for. The staircase looks like


Church Signs That Will Bring a Smile to Your Face

Outside of every church, a permanent sign proudly features worship times and events. But some churches take advantage of this free space to get creative. As experts in sign creation, we love the humor these churches use, so check out some of our favorites. ‘Need a lifeguard? Ours walks on water!’ The most notable version of this sign was featured at Dayspring Community Church, and we can only imagine the many chuckles it elicited. For those who don’t quite understand the joke, it stems from a New Testament story in which Jesus could be seen by three of his disciples walking on water in the middle of a horrific storm when they were trapped on a boat. When Jesus entered the boat, the storm subsided. This story provides a metaphor for relying on faith during troublesome periods for many Christians, and Dayspring Community Church’s sign serves as a lighthearted reminder. ‘Whoever is praying for snow, please stop.’ While it may seem like weeks before we have to worry about shovels and slippery roads, this church sign still makes us laugh. We’ve seen it featured on many church signs, but the most well-known is from South End Baptist Church’s sign pleading for the snow to stop while mounds of snow piled up around it. We all remember winters like that, and

sometimes it can feel like the weather needs a little divine intervention. ‘What part of “Thou shall not” don’t you understand?’ This one’s for the parents. This church took the lighter approach to Christianity’s Ten Commandments, in which God outlines guidelines for living a Christian life,

by saying “Thou shall not …” We can only imagine how exasperated this humorous pastor or priest must have been, but we know every parent — and their kids — can relate to this phrase. At Digital Print Ink, we know quite a bit about signs. While we may not be the experts on your church’s permanent sign, we can help your religious organization create promotional posters and fliers that will “wow” passersby and snag everyone’s attention. Learn more and get started on your creation by calling 417.881.5309 or visit




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