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There’s nothing quite like the excitement of bringing a child into the world. The thought of the near future takes me back to the day it all began. Rachel and I have been married for six years, going on seven this summer, but we met back in 2009. I was a student and playing hockey at North Carolina State at the time, and my three roommates were on the team. Every year, we hosted a big Christmas party. After the party was over, a couple of friends offered to come over and clean the next day. One of those friends happened to bring Rachel with them. So the first time I met her, we were cleaning our college house after a party. From the moment I saw Rachel, I was floored. I had to get to know her more. We started going out, and as time progressed, we got closer and closer. We went a year or so without an official title, but we didn’t need one. Best friends don’t need a label. Our courtship continued, and we eventually married. We spent the next six years doing the newlywed dance. She wanted to finish nursing school and start her career, and I wanted to support that. We took our time and built an incredible marriage. It’s been such a great experience growing together over the years that making the decision to bring a child into the world was easy. Everything gets more real each day, and by the time you read this, we’ll know the sex of our baby. We’re planning out the nursery and getting our home prepared. It’s all a blast, but nothing beats the feelings we got when we told our parents. Over Christmas, Rachel and I bought a custom ornament that displayed a snowman, snowwoman, and our dogs, Clyde and Hailey. The snowwoman’s belly was enlarged, and at the bottom, it read, “Expecting in 2019.” My mom was looking at it and said, “Oh, this is cute.” Then when she realized what was on it, she went bananas. Our

baby will be the first grandchild of my wife’s parents, and they are equally excited.

One of the more interesting aspects to navigating the early stages of parenthood is learning how to handle all the advice. It seems like everyone has their own strategy for everything. It’s so stimulating that I don’t know how to soak it all in. Luckily for Rachel and me, our parents aren’t pushy folks. They never asked us when we were going to start a family or pressured us to have kids. They’ve always been supportive of our decisions and lifestyle. If anything, that makes the advice from everyone else a little easier to process, because we filter it through the lens of how our parents raised us. A big part of how we want to parent our kids is to show them how faith can help mold their lives. Building a relationship with God teaches responsibility and also helps our child appreciate their individuality.

We are incredibly blessed and looking forward to this journey!

–Wes White

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