Guibord leaps to success at P-R track and field championship Russell

Favero, Jonathan (ESC): 1 st 1500m; 1 st 3000m; 2 nd 800m Keith, Thomas (RDH): 1 st shot put Meness, Cody (SFX): 2 nd shot put; 3 rd long jump Tardif, Francis (PLA): 1 st 300m hurdles White, Hunter (RDH): 2 nd 1500m; 2 nd 3000m; 3 rd 800m Junior Cooke, Adam (RDH): 2 nd 800m; 2 nd 1500m Ehret, Thomas (RDH): 2 nd 300mhurdles; 3 rd 200m Leger,Michel (PLA): 1 st discus; 2 nd javelin Martineau, Daniel (RDH): 1 st 200m; 3 rd 100m Ménard, Nicholas (PLA): 1 st long jump Moisan, David (PLA): 3 rd 1500m Sergeri, Samuel (PLA): 2 nd triple jump Tardif, Charles (PLA): 3 rd triple jump Senior Bélanger Marc-Alexandre (ESC): 2 nd 1500m; 2 nd 3000m; 3 rd 400m hurdles Boisvert, David (ESC): 1 st javelin Dagenais, Yanick (ESC): 1 st 400m;1 st 800m; 2 nd 100m Favero, Nicholas (ESC): 1 st 1500m; 1 st 3000m Guibord, Francis (ESC): 1 st high jump; 1 st long jump; 1 st triple jump McDonald, Chris (SFX): 1 st 100m; 1 st 200m Picard, Nikolas (PLA): 3 rd 400m Sigouin, Alexandre (ESC): 2 nd javelin Teams Rockland District High School: 1 st ju- nior 4x100-metre relay L’Escale: 1 st senior 4x400-metre relay; 2 nd senior 4x100-metre replay Plantagenet: 1 st senior 4x100-metre relay Saint Francis Xavier Catholic High School: 3 rd senior 4x100-metre relay

Student athletes from all over the United Counties of Prescott-Russell took part in the Prescott-Russell Secondary Schools Athletic Association cham- pionship trackand fieldmeet onTuesday, May 15, at Russell High School. Hundreds of students jumped, ran and threw, vying for top times or distances that would take them to the EOSSAA championships coming up May 22-23 in Kingston. Several students set personal bests and broke school records, aided by warm, clear weather and a light breeze. Francis Guibord of L’Escale in Rockland had spectacular scores in long jump, triple jump and high jump—in which he cleared 180 cm. Other students with multiple wins included Yanick Dagenais, Nicholas Favero, Joshua Capina, Yassin Bouragba, Billy Arland-Dubé, and Marc-Alexandre Belanger of L’Escale; Chris Mcdonald and Gabrielle Campeau of St. FX; Rhys Thomas andMegan Fothergill of RHS; Gill Quinton of STA; Francis Bourdeau of Le Relais; Justin Dazé, Patricia Mandon, Morgan Hurtubise, KatrineVilleneuve andAlexane Bergevin of Casselman; Joanie Pilon and Nathalie Senn of Hawkesbury; Angelique St-Jean of Plantagenet. Prescott-Russell High School Track and Field Championships Russell High School May 15 SFX (St. Francis Xavier) RDH (Rockland District High) ESC (L’Escale) PLA (Plantagenet) Girls Midget Campeau,Gabrielle (SFX): 1 st 100-metre;

Photo Candice Vetter Francis Guibord of l’Escale in Rockland clears the bar at the PRSSAA track and field meet at Russell High School May 15. Guibord jumped 180cmandmoves on to EOSSAA.

1 st 200m Lavallée, Michelle (ESC): 1 st discus; 3 rd shot put Nesbitt, Barbara (SFX): 2 nd 800m Nyentap, Christine (SFX): 2 nd 100m; 2 nd 200m Sigouin, Mickeala (ESC): 1 st 400m; 1 st shot put; 2 nd discus Stewart, Kayla (SFX): 2 nd javelin Junior Arland-Dubé, Billy (ESC): 1 st shot put; 1 st javelin; 2 nd discus Fauvelle, Stéphanie (ESC): 3 rd long jump Joubarne, Jessica (RDH): 1 st 3000m Méloche, Claudia (ESC): 3 rd 200m; 3 rd 400m Simoneau, Valérie (ESC): 2 nd 100m; 200m St-Jean, Angélique (PLA): 1 st 400m; 1 st


Senior Charbonneau, Christine (RDH): 1 st 100m hurdles; 2 nd 100m; 2 nd long jump Compton, Jennesa (SFX): 3 rd 800m Lamb, Alex (SFX): 2 nd 1500m; 2 nd shot put; 3 rd long jump Team L’Escale: 1 st junior 4x100-metre relay Boys Midget Anderson, Darren (RDH): 1 st 800m; 2 nd 100m; 2 nd 200m Bouragba, Yassin (ESC): 1 st 100m; 2 nd 400m Capina, Joshua (ESC): 1 st 200; 1 st 400m; 2 nd long jump

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