CODE 2 The AE/ AS is committed to and identifies the training and development needs of QP students. 3. The AE/ AS identifies and provides adequate resources to train QP students. 4. The AE identifies and assigns qualified accountants with suitable experience as Counselors and provides resources to enable them to fulfil their role. The AS should be a qualified accountant with suitable experience and ensure appropriate resources are provided by the AS's employing organization to enable the AS to fulfil his/ her role.

5. The Member-in-Charge, Counselors, AS, and QP students understand their roles and responsibilities for training and development.

6. The AE/ AS sets the QP students' objectives as part of a performance review.

7. The AE/ AS identifies opportunities for QP students to obtain appropriate practical experience.

8. The AE/ AS ensures QP students understand how they contribute to the organizational or departmental objectives.

9. The AE/ AS agrees Development Commitment with QP students which is relevant to their current roles or their future career aspirations.

CODE 3 The AE/ AS provides development opportunities for QP students and monitors and reviews development activities.

10. The AE/ AS provides appropriate practical experience to QP students.

11. The AE/ AS provides training and development opportunities to QP students to achieve their objectives and explains the nature and extent of these opportunities to them. 12. The AE/ AS monitors and evaluates the QP students' progress towards fully meeting the practical experience requirements, and identifies and takes appropriate action as a result of reviews with QP students.

13. The AE/ AS ensures the QP students' time is documented and can be counted towards the practical experience requirements.

14. The AE/ AS reviews the QP students' ethical and professional behaviour throughout the Practical Experience Period.

15. The AE/ AS evaluates and monitors QP students to undertake development activities.

Consultation Paper on Proposed changes to Practical Experience Framework


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