Value-Based Health and Care Academy Brochure Spring 2021


Health and Care systems around the word face the combined challenges of growing and more complex demand, demographic change and resource constraint. In Wales, the devolved Government has committed to creating a sustainable future for these vital services through a focus on Value: reducing expenditure on interventions and care of low-value or which demonstrate unwarranted variation and investing instead in improving the outcomes that matter most to users of services at the lowest possible cost. Our programme of education for Value-Based Health and Care (VBHC) draws on the growing experience of this new paradigm in Wales and in other Regions and systems in Europe and beyond. Recognised by the World Economic Forum as a Global Innovator Hub for VBHC and OECD for its leadership and commitment to VBHC implementation, Wales understands the importance of Value in all aspects of system design and leadership: in the allocation of resource, throughout the whole of care pathways and in the procurement of services and healthcare technologies. With just over 3 million citizens served by a common health and care system, Wales is ideally placed to be a testbed for innovation and new models of care delivery.

Swansea University has long history of partnering with Health and Care system and life-science industry leaders. Now we are excited to be bringing rigorous thought-leadership, insights and research that inform the development and practical implementation of Value- Based Health and Care. Participants in our programmes will benefit from a rich understanding of this emerging approach and will be exposed to leaders, practitioners and academics from a range of care settings, systems and sectors, learn from real world cases and the lived experience and perspectives of fellow participants as well as from the expert faculty. Although grounded in theory, our programmes are steeped in the practice of VBHC. Upon completion, participants will be better equipped to lead and deliver VBHC in their organisations, to overcome some of the barriers and challenges, and to partner effectively in ecosystems globally that increasingly are adopting these approaches in response to the sustainability challenge.


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