Value-Based Health and Care Academy Brochure Spring 2021



The Value-Based Health and Care (VBHC) Executive Education Courses within the School of Management are designed for senior leaders from health and care systems around the world. This includes provider organisations, governments, payers, charities, citizen groups, life science companies, universities and other organisations that are actively working in health and care. Our Courses aim to provide the most stimulating, relevant, practical content that can be readily applied to leader’s own work environments. Our Faculty members have designed the Courses to be challenging, thought provoking and at times for you to be outside your comfort zones. We aim for our Courses to be transformational and for you to return back to your places of work inspired, empowered and energised to implement! We have developed a structured VBHC Curriculum specifically for senior and aspiring leaders. Our Curriculum covers the core areas of VBHC, the detail around the implementation of VBHC and the core skills and knowledge around leading the creation of VBHC systems. Our Faculty is drawn from around the world, with practical experience in the development and implementation of VBHC systems.

to discuss with peers how they might apply the learning to their own work environments. In both Courses, we follow- up with learners following the Course to understand the VBHC impact they have had in their organisations. The 7-module course is purposefully sequenced over a number of weeks with each module building on the previous modules. It must be taken in its entirety. The seven modules include: • Pre-Course preparation: Course preparation materials will be available two weeks prior to the start of the Course • Module 1: Introduction to VBHC Course and goal setting • Module 2: Principles of VBHC • Module 3: Translating VBHC into practice • Module 4: The role of the Life Science industry in a VBHC system • Module 5: Negotiation to achieve long-term Value- Based partnerships • Module 6: Adopting a strategy for delivering VBHC • Module 7: Building a sustainable VBHC Community of Practice The first part of the blended Course is a virtual meeting which includes: 1. An overview of the Course structure 2. An opportunity for participants to discuss their learning objectives 3. A review of the theory of Value-Based Health and Care. This is followed by a 2-day in-person meeting, which consists of two full days of learning covering the same content as the virtual 7-module Course. Networking opportunities are built into this Course, with the inclusion of a dinner and an evening keynote lecture on a topic related to VBHC.

We offer VBHC Executive Education in two formats:

• A fully on-line, 7-module Course. This consists of seven 2-hour modules delivered virtually over a number of weeks with associated pre-reading materials and post- Course follow-up. • A blended Course . This consists of on-line learning, a 2-day in-person meeting and post-Course follow-up Both Courses use a variety of approaches including small study groups, case-based discussion, small group discussion, short presentations, simulation and opportunities


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