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Frye Law Group celebrated its 10-year anniversary recently, and even though Hurricane Florence caused some heavy rain in the area, we still had a great turnout of former clients, judges, fellow attorneys, and great local friends. During big celebrations such as this one, I often find myself reflecting on the beginning — the beginning of my career, the beginning of Frye Law Group, and the beginning of all the professional relationships I’ve forged over the years. Because all of us here at Frye Law Group have been excitedly awaiting this big milestone, I find myself thinking about the group’s early years quite often lately. A lot of attorneys are able to pinpoint the exact reason they decided to pursue a career in law, but my experience has been completely different. I didn’t read “To Kill a Mockingbird” or watch “A Few Good Men” and suddenly know the path I wanted to follow. When I look over the past 10 years in particular, I’ve come to realize that I do what I do because I truly like to stand up for people. There have been moments throughout my life

“When I look over the past 10 years in particular, I’ve come to realize that I do what I do because I truly like to stand up for people.”

While our mission has not changed since the group’s early days, there are definitely ways that we’ve worked to improve the business. As an attorney, for instance, I am always seeking to be more knowledgeable and more aggressive on behalf of my clients. I’ve attended particularized training to amplify my knowledge in my main areas of focus: sex crime defense, DUI defense, and juvenile defense. I am also making client education a primary focus as well, and one important thing I want my clients to know as we head into the new year pertains to relationships between judges and attorneys. While I might be professional or friendly toward judges or opposing attorneys, my overarching goal is to protect my clients. I accomplish this goal by intently listening to cases, learning everything I can about my clients, and then ceaselessly fighting to get my cases in front of a jury.

where people didn’t defend me or stand up for me when they should have, and in a certain way, that pushed me to help others who might not be able to protect themselves. In fact, it was this desire that encouraged me to transition out of my prosecuting attorney role and open a defense law group. To me, there is no bigger opponent than the government because it will always have access to more resources — more lawyers, support, and money. It’s in my nature to help the underdog, and in so many of my cases, the underdog is a person dealing with a very serious offense or accusation. Our group’s mission is “Relentless defense,” and for the last decade, we have constantly striven to find new ways to provide it for clients. We’ve been tenacious about helping clients receive the right outcome for their specific cases. Sometimes the right outcome isn’t the one at the forefront of people’s minds. For example, we might suggest that a client seek treatment in a different state or we might fight for complete dismissal — essentially, we just try to find the resolution that fits each individual best.

As my team and I continue into our 11th year, our clients can anticipate even more tenacity, education, and protection than they did in the years prior.

–Kim Keheley Frye

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