Choice PT: Is Back Pain Slowing You Down?

Move to Live Your Resource to Moving Well and Living Life


INSIDE: • 3 Tips To Drinking Enough Water • Healthy Recipe • Relieve Back Pain In Minutes • Patient Success Spotlight

This. Is. Awesome. Right this second, in your hands, you are holding a (hopefully) sparkling first edition of Move to Live , your resource to moving well and living life. Feel free to hang it up on your fridge in full display for all your family and friends to see. Seriously, no big deal, at any point in time you can swing by the clinic and we’d be happy to all sign your copy. See you soon. We have the best jobs around. We consider each person that walks through our doors a part of our Choice PT family. Each day we get the chance to build great relationships with awesome people as we help them get back to moving well and living their lives. Whether we have the opportunity to help you get a better night sleep, get back to exercising or being able to get on and off the floor to play with your grandkids, being a part of that journey is so rewarding.

We also understand that once you’ve gotten your graduation Tshirt (and suffered through Joe’s singing of Pomp and Circumstance) there is still a whole bunch of moving and living of life to be done. That is where Move to Live comes in. Our goal for Move to Live is to give you a fun resource that is packed with healthy living, healthy eating and healthy movement tips along with keeping you up to date on what’s new with our team, both in the clinic and in the community. In this first issue you’ll get some quick tips on taking care of your body through staying properly hydrated, learn a bit about one of our new PT’s and you can add a new healthy recipe to your repertoire, how great is that?! Hope you enjoy! Joe

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