DuPont Wealth Solutions November 2017

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17 NOV


I know it happened a couple months ago, but I still find myself deeply affected by the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Long after the rain stopped, inspiring stories of heroism and survival continued to pour in. We learned what Americans are capable of when we come together to fight a common enemy. In this case, that enemy was a literal force of nature. I was in Houston for a seminar a few weeks before the storm. As I looked out my 14th-story window of a hotel that would soon be surrounded by water, I thought about America’s fourth-largest city, which rests mere miles from the Gulf Shore. The city looks like it’s made of pure concrete, I thought. If a storm happens, where does the water go? Sadly, we got our answer. On August 24, Hurricane Harvey hit the shores of Texas as a Category 4 at peak intensity. The water continued to rise, with nowhere for the water to drain, and freeway signs were soon dipping their toes in the flood. Experts claimed that Houston’s growth created the perfect flood conditions. Then came Irma, close on Harvey’s heels. The second hurricane devastating several Caribbean islands I had just visited last spring, as well as Puerto Rico and Florida. The cleanup and recovery continues months later and will likely continue for years to come. The hurricanes brought utter and complete devastation. In the coming weeks, the curtain was peeled back and journalists and survivors brought us tales of heroism. We saw the best type of service humanity has to offer. One mattress store owner invited people to stay in his store, eventually helping over 400 people find refuge. Famous defensive end for the Houston Texans, J.J. Watt, started a fundraiser for the victims. He hoped to collect $200,000 but ended up with tens of millions. During this season of gratitude, it makes you appreciate where you live. Sure, we might get a small twister or a blizzard that knocks out our power for a few hours. But we aren’t susceptible to anything that’s comparable to the danger that lurks out there.



basis, I work with families who are fighting about serious issues like wills and trusts. When a family member passes, simmering problems come to the surface, and the problems manifest themselves in legal proceedings. It’s a reminder

that having an estate plan can prevent post-death family catastrophes. Good and precise planning will mitigate problems so we can continue to show our loved ones gratitude and support without additional bad feelings. I’m also absolutely grateful for the team that helps me keep all the balls in the air at DuPont & Blumenstiel and DuPont Wealth Solutions. They provide an exceptional level of care for our clients and support me in so many ways. I’m also grateful to my incredible wife for supporting me all these years. Now, as our client experience officer, she’ll be helping even more directly. Her job is to make sure none of our clients question whether anyone else in the world can help them better than we can. We’ve always strived to deliver a five-star “WOW” experience that you don’t expect from a law firm or financial advisor. If there’s anything else you think we can do to realize that dream, please let us know. During this season of gratitude, let us all be grateful for the people who support us. I hope we can also continue to support those in need, whether it’s after a catastrophic storm or in our everyday lives.

- Greg DuPont

I have so much to be grateful for in my own life. I’m grateful for my six brothers and sisters and for how well we get along. On a regular

Happy Thanksgiving!

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