ERC 2021-22 Impact Report




The vision behind launching the ERC at ROC and CTEC was to reach the youth in our community who have entrepreneurial aspirations, provide them with opportunities to develop as an entrepreneur, and connect them to the entrepreneurial community at large. Since the launch of the ERC 15 months ago, it has been amazing to witness students in grades 7 th through 12 th participate in the various programs offered, develop their entrepreneurial skills, and put those skills on display. Their faces light up with pride as they pitch their business ideas and sell their products; likewise, the comments from their parents have been nothing but positive. The work being done through the ERC will pay dividends down the road as these young entrepreneurs continue to develop and transition into adulthood to be the next business owners and company leaders in our community. It gives me great optimism that we have so many young people with entrepreneurial aspirations and that the ERC can play a role in their success stories.


Entrepreneurial education is at its heart, a mindset. An entrepreneurial mindset holds the belief that every problem faced by a business, organization, an institution, or an individual is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to create value for others by solving their problem. By solving a problem for others and creating value, you validate your value. Who you are and what you do, matters. Every successful entrepreneurial endeavor is designed to be a generator of value creation. Although vitally important to our economic well-being, value creation is not exclusive to a business making sales. Value creation is found in organizations whose missions are designed to serve communities in ways that elevate the lives of others, it is found in our institutions designed to provide us with safe prosperous ways to live and excel in life, and it is found in the individual who realizes, they are the one who has the talent, skills, and education to make a difference by creating opportunities from a problem. And this is what we teach, every day to every student we encounter. In this first annual report of the ERC, you will learn more about the programs offered, the amazing students we get to serve, and the incredible contributions of time and expertise provided by our business and community partners. The success of the ERC is a team effort of our students and their guardians, the staff, teachers, and administration at ROC & CTEC, and countless community members and business professionals who step up to the plate offering expertise and assistance in helping our program be the best it can be. Please accept my gratitude for all your support and investments of your time and energy.

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