Balanced Body PT: Hip, Knee and Leg Pain

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problems. A decreased range of motion, too, is a sign of deeper problems which may later result in hip, knee or leg pain. Sometimes, inactivity can contribute to immobility—and later pain. If you’re limping, lurching or are experiencing bad balance, contact a physician. While some hip, knee and leg pains go away, those lasting longer than several months may be hinting at a deeper issue. How Physical Therapy Can Help In many cases, physical therapy can help patients increase leg mobility. In doing so, they can stretch, flex and strengthen the muscles responsible for support. If a joint appears deformed, or if sudden swelling occurs, contact a physician immediately. A good physical therapy program can assist with post-operation treatment, too. If you’ve undergone treatment for osteoporosis, dislocation or a fracture, your therapist can help you reclaim full mobility—and a healthy lifestyle. From start to finish, we’re dedicated to your ongoing wellness. On every level, physical therapy serves to enhanse the patient’s quality of life. We’re here to help, and we have years of experience backing every therapy option. Call us today, and tell us about your symptoms. If you are suffering with hip, knee or leg pain, call us today to learn how we can eliminate your pain and put a spring back in your step!

(continued from outside) What Causes Hip, Knee and Leg Pain?

Hip, knee and leg pain are surprisingly common.Thus, their source can come from a variety of things. If you’re experiencing pain in any part of your leg, pinpointing the exact spot can help you determine the cause. Mayo Clinic has pinpointed several leading causes of hip, knee and leg pain. While many causes exist, the most likely are:

• Arthritis • Dislocation • Hip fracture • Sprains and strains

• Tendinitis • Pinched nerves • Osteoporosis • Cancer

While some causes are more severe than others, a physician can identify each. As the body ages, joints become inflamed. Cartilage may wear down, reducing the “buffer” between bones In some cases, limited blood flow may cause bone tissue death, or necrosis. If you’re experiencing redness, inflammation and immobilized joints, the condition may be severe. What Are the Symptoms? While leg pain is noticeable by a slew of symptoms, several stick out. Aching or stiffness around the hip, groin, back or thigh may be a sign of deeper

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