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LOOKING FORWARD TO A PRODUCTIVE 2023 Ringing in Another Great Year

The 2022 holiday season was the most wonderful time of year, and we are grateful for all of our countless blessings and the opportunity to continue to do what we love for yet another year. On Dec. 31 at midnight, it was time to ring in the new year. This time of year, with a clean slate in front of us, we reflect on the previous year and sing praise for our accomplishments, and for those goals we weren’t quite able to check off of our list, we can try again in 2023! A new year is also a time for growth and rebirth as well as some new resolutions! However, New Year’s resolutions are only as good as the plan that accompanies them and the execution. With that, a start and finish date must be implemented. Did you know that Jan. 17 is known as “Quitters Day”? Most people give up on or have already let go of the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the year … just 17 days later.

both realistic and attainable, or else you’ll find yourself getting frustrated and giving up early. Find accountability. Your best bet is an

accountability partner who checks in with you weekly, monthly, or quarterly to ensure you are taking the necessary steps to achieve your goal by the deadline you set for yourself. Be detailed.

Resolutions are goals, and goals are merely unfinished plans. Moore’s Law states that a project or plan will swell in time to the allotted time it’s given. That being said, setting a deadline helps to hold yourself

A common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, but if your goal lacks specificity, you’ll likely find yourself slacking and slipping here and there. Instead, set a goal to lose a certain amount of weight by a certain date. Plan out how many times a week you’ll work out, for how long, and what meals you will eat throughout the day. This way, there’s no room for skipping gym days or sneaking in an extra cheat meal here and there. As we look back at 2022, we are grateful for another great and productive year. As a company, we met our 2022 goals with over $36 million in funding. We look forward to another fabulous year and cannot wait to see what blessings are in store for all of us!

“A new year is also a time for growth and rebirth as well as some new resolutions!”

accountable. Here are some ways to

ensure you meet your 2023 goals and aren’t left scratching your head just 17 days into the new year.

From our CHB family to you and yours, happy New Year!

–Kit West & Ed Meyer

Be realistic. Sure, it’s nice to plan big and set large goals, but it’s important

to make sure your resolutions are



Lengthen attention span. Did you know that meditating can improve your accuracy and attention when completing a task? This will help you focus on the tasks at hand, and you can better direct and control your full attention! Generate kindness. Meditation has been proven to increase feelings of positivity and encourage acts of kindness toward yourself and those around you. Studies have shown that individuals have a heightened sense of compassion after meditation! So, for more positivity in your life and relationships, meditate! Improve sleep. A whopping 70 million people in the U.S. deal with some sort of sleep disorder at some point in their lives. Studies have shown that meditation can help individuals stay asleep for longer segments of time and reduce the severity of insomnia while reducing tension. If you haven’t already, incorporating meditation into your daily routine can surely yield many positive benefits and results! And what do you have to lose?

Meditation promotes better sleep, less anxiety, improved self-awareness, and lower blood pressure. Before the pandemic, the practice was trending upward in popularity, but now, meditation has become even more popular as it helps many to cope with stress and mental health complications. Let’s take a look at many reasons to set aside 10 minutes in your day to meditate! Reduce stress and anxiety. Studies have proven that meditation reduces cortisol and the inflammation response, which can disrupt sleep patterns, bring on depression and anxiety, and cause fatigue. Through meditation, you may find a new perspective on stressful situations or build new skills to help you to manage stress in the future. Boost emotional well-being. Some types of meditation lead to a positive outlook on life and an improved self-image. According to research, it can even help manage and reduce symptoms of depression. It promotes a sense of peace, calm, and balance in your life!


Showing Appreciation in the Workplace Through Encouragement and Consideration

Tangible Gifts A nice, personalized gift

Have you ever heard of “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman? It’s an incredibly popular book that identifies different ways individuals prefer to give and receive love. You can communicate more effectively with your partners, friends, and family by considering their personal needs and using the language that speaks to them best. But did you know you can apply these same principles to show appreciation and encouragement at work? When you understand and use your employees’ preferred language of appreciation, your workplace culture will significantly improve. Words of Affirmation A “thank you” note or shout-out from a colleague is quite powerful, but it’s even more effective when it’s specific to an act or moment because it shows that you are paying attention to what

matters. For your message to be clear, consider describing the situation you’re referring to, discussing the behavior you are looking to celebrate, and highlighting the impact of the behavior on you, the team, and the organization. Quality Time This language is all about receiving complete and focused attention. This means taking the time for mentorships, checking in meaningfully, and creating moments for teams to connect. For employees who value quality time, having dedicated time to connect and learn from their employers and coworkers can be significantly impactful as they feel seen and heard. Acts of Service Simply picking up an extra coffee for a team member, or alleviating a work task off someone’s plate, shows that you care about their overall well-being and brings them joy.

can be a display that you acknowledge your employee’s or coworker’s passions and preferences. The

more you converse with them and learn about their personal lives, the easier it’ll be to choose a meaningful gift and bring a smile to their face. Appropriate Physical Touch This language can be tricky, but it’s about respecting boundaries. A high-five, fist bump, pat on the shoulder, and a handshake are generally acceptable, but it is best not to assume. Everyone’s level of comfort differs, so always ask before initiating any type of appropriate physical touch. If you take the time to understand your employees’ preferred language of appreciation, you can communicate more meaningfully and positively.




Slow Cooker Cheesy Garlic Brussels Sprouts

Inspired by TheKitchn.com

Brussels sprouts are a tasty seasonal veggie to incorporate into your diet this January. With a creamy cheese sauce, this recipe takes comfort to a new level. INGREDIENTS

January is an important month because it kicks off another great year and offers a fresh start to continue to accomplish great things — and it’s also Financial Wellness Month! So, what exactly is financial wellness and how can you leverage your goals to ensure the best financial wellness for yourself? Financial wellness encompasses your ability to live within your means while managing your finances to give yourself peace of mind. This means balancing expenses and income, saving for a rainy day and retirement, avoiding falling into massive debt, and understanding your emotions as they relate to your finances. Here at CHB, we deal in both money and trust. We trust you have made a sound business decision and have provided us with a great reason to invest in your business. We want to see you build up your business and achieve success and help other businesses do the same alongside yours. After all, from one business to the next, it’s a compound effect. Sure, we make a profit through this process, but in return, we help you with the collateral so you can also be profitable. When your own financial well-being is taken care of, your mind is free to find new and exciting ways to do business and achieve greater success. The more innovative and creative you become, the better you are as a human being and business owner. You have more time to give back and be grateful for what you have, and you have more to offer to your profession and personal life!

• 1 tbsp unsalted butter • 2 1/2 lbs Brussels sprouts, trimmed and halved • 4 cloves garlic, thinly sliced • 4 oz cream cheese, cubed

• 1/2 tsp kosher salt • 1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper • 3/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese • 2 tbsp heavy cream • 1/8 tsp freshly grated nutmeg


1. Coat the inside of a 3–5-quart slow cooker with butter. Add Brussels sprouts, garlic, cream cheese, salt, and pepper. Toss to combine. 2. Cover and cook on LOW until the Brussels sprouts are tender, 2–3 hours. 3. Turn the slow cooker off or to the “warm” setting. Stir in the Parmesan cheese, cream, and nutmeg until the cheeses melt and the Brussels sprouts are coated in a creamy sauce. Season with more pepper to taste.

Take a Break

Financial wellness not only helps you, but it also brings value to people around you and delivers a reassuring peace of mind for years to come!







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2023 will be a great year, full of new beginnings, new relationships, new partnerships, and much more productivity! Here at CHB, we pride ourselves on our team members that have become family. We are

Yellow Iron equipment — anything with a serial number, such as a skid steer, backhoe, road grader, or track hoe — will soon be accompanied by some other pieces of equipment!

excited to welcome aboard Courtney Benjamin, our new title administrator. Originally from Houston, Texas, Courtney just moved to the Wheatland area in September 2022. Courtney’s biggest passions in life are her two children, Azalea and Aiyana. When she isn’t working, she enjoys exercising, reading, and running, especially charitable runs for a good cause!

This year, CHB also plans to initiate aircraft financing, a fabulous way to open up a plethora of new opportunities and a new area of expertise. Several individuals in our office have aircraft experience that will prove beneficial in this endeavor! We are looking forward to 2023’s Broker Weekend. Many of you may recall that for the past three years, we’ve held it in Jackson, Wyoming. This year, we will host the event in Saratoga, Wyoming, one of the last “Wild West” areas. We look forward to offering all the fine amenities, great food, shooting sports, world-class fishing, sightseeing, and more.

We are excited to enter a new market with the potential of $3–$5 million in new business in the state of Louisiana and are prepared for any challenges and opportunities as we dive into new territory, but we are ready to conquer this 2023 goal.

In 2023, we plan to expand our Yellow Iron Program (YIP) for construction and materials handling equipment.

2023, you are looking like a great year already, and we are just getting started!



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