Minnesota School Of Music - October 2019


THANKSGIVING CRAFTS Thanksgiving is only a month away, and your possibilities for holiday-themed crafts are endless with just a few supplies like paper, scissors, markers, and string. You can make turkey placemats, tissue paper trees, pumpkin garlands, paper pumpkins, or leaf mobiles to hang from the ceiling. Compile a list of ideas and have your kids pick out which craft they want to do first, then get to work together to create as many decorations as you want to display for Turkey Day. With these engaging craft ideas, the whole family will be eager to make their own decorations and show them off for months to come!

The leaves are turning, the weather is changing, and the holidays are right around the corner, which means it’s time to bring out the fall decor! To make this season especially memorable for your family, create your own decorations with these fun ideas below. PINE CONE PAINTING Go on a family walk through the park to pick up a few fallen pine cones or take a quick trip to the store to buy a bag. Once everyone has their own hand-picked pine cone, grab a paintbrush and a few colors and have at it! For extra flair, add some fixings like glitter, beads, sequins, string, and more. LEAF PAINTING Take a trip outside with the kids to pick out some large, unbroken leaves, then head back inside and get creative! You

can pull out the construction paper and paint trees, using handprints and “arm prints” as the trunks and branches. Paint the leaves you found to spruce up your trees or use them as decorations on their own. You can also use them for leaf printing or leaf pressing. FUN FINGER FOOD When you’ve got multiple friends and family members coming over and you need snacks, edible decorations are the way to go. You can get a little creative and make elaborate treats, or you can opt for delicious and easy- to-make finger foods with your kids. A good starting treat for your family is a batch of pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats. Add orange food coloring to the mix and get your kids to shape the treats like pumpkins before using a few pretzel sticks to make sturdy stems.


WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO LEARN THE GUITAR? Well, five years ago, I was in third grade, and, in the mind of a 9-year-old, playing the guitar sounded like an exciting and fun thing to learn. But what really inspired me to play the guitar was hearing some of my favorite musicians at the time and wanting to play like them. WHAT’S CHANGED AT MNSOM SINCE YOU STARTED? When I started to play the guitar, Eric was the only instructor at the time, and we had lessons in a room at Club West in Blaine. There were also only a handful of other students. Many things have changed since I started, but what has remained the same is Eric’s love of music and his passion to share it with other people.

WHO’S YOUR FAVORITE MUSICIAN? I don’t really have a favorite musician, but I like a variety of music. Some of my favorite pieces of music to play include “Friends” by Marshmallow & Anne-Marie, as well as “Free Fallin’” by Tom Petty. HOW DO YOU BALANCE MUSIC PRACTICE WITH OTHER ACTIVITIES? I play high school tennis and gymnastics for fun, but I usually find time to play the guitar in the late evenings before I go to bed. IF YOU COULD GO BACK IN TIME TO WHEN YOU FIRST STARTED LEARNING THE GUITAR, WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE YOURSELF? I would tell myself the work is worth the reward!

This year another one of our star students has hit an amazing milestone. Carly Hafferman has been learning the guitar with us since she was just 9 years old! Now, five years down the line, she’s our most senior student! We sat down with Carly to find out what inspires her to play her instrument.

Thanks Carly!

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