Don't Ignore Your Back Pain

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Don’t Ignore Your BACK PAIN

Do you feel aches and pains in your lower back from time to time, or tightness in your back getting out of a chair after sitting for awhile? Four out of every five Americans will suffer from back pain at some time in their lives. Do you have one of these 6 common conditions associated with back pain? 1. Lumbar or sacral radiculopathy: The result of pressure on a nerve exiting the spine. This is often mistakenly called sciatica. 2. Sciatica: This comes from compression of the sciatic nerve. Symptoms can radiate from the buttock down the leg to the back of the knee. 3. Spinal stenosis: This is a narrowing of the bony spinal canal which causes rubbing or pressure on nerves. Weakness to the legs, pain or even loss of balance can result. 4. Lumbar sprain/strain: This is a common cause of low back pain due to injury of muscles and tendons. The rows of muscles that run up and down the sides of the spinal column, are the major muscle groups usually involved in lower back injury. 5. Fractures: These are due to trauma, or sometimes occur without any injury in people with osteoporosis. 6. Spinal cord compression: This is unusual, but very worrisome and may be associated with weakness and loss of bowel/bladder control.


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