FY2016-17 Budget Final

Stabilization Fund Fund 108

The Stabilization Fund was created in FY 2014, to address significant unanticipated expenditures that would otherwise negatively affect the General Fund. Expenditures from this fund are approved by the City Council. This fund will begin the FY 2017 year with a fund balance (FB) of $1,593,151 and is projected to end FY 2017 with a fund balance of $1,843,151. This represents an increase of 15.7% and is due to a $250,000 transfer into this fund this fiscal year. COOPERATIVE EFFORTS Southwest Regional Communications Center Fund Fund 111 The City of DeSoto partners with other Best Southwest Cities on initiatives that will significantly decrease expenses associated with operational costs. One of these joint ventures is the Southwest Regional Communications Center (SWRCC), which includes participation from the Cities of Cedar Hill and Duncanville. In FY 2017 SWRCC will begin with a working capital balance of $327,682 and is projected to end with a working capital balance of $367,990, which translates to an increase of 12.3% throughout the year. This increase in working capital balance is due to a 1% across-the-board salary increase for SWRCC staff, and increase in healthcare costs, the addition of a full-time Quality Assurance Coordinator position, the omission of a part-time Information Technology Assistant position, an increase in Intergovernmental Revenue, and a transfer of $93,000 into Fund 134 SWRCC Stabilization Fund. The change in working capital balance is also due to a transfer of $50,000 from Fund 111 into Fund 413 SWRCC Equipment Replacement Fund, as part of a multi-year financial planning tool for the purchase of electronic equipment for the Communications Center. City Jail Operations Fund 112 The Regional Jail (City Jail) is the second regional partnership and is funded through cooperatives with the Cities of Lancaster and Cedar Hill. In FY 2017 the Regional Jail will begin with a FB of $358,529 and is projected to end with a FB of $303,586, which represents a 15.3% decrease in FB. This reduction in FB is due to an increase health insurance costs, an across-the-board 1% salary increase for Regional Jail employees, and an increase the cost for supplies.

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