FY2016-17 Budget Final

SWRCC – Stabilization Fund Fund 134

The SWRCC Stabilization Fund was created in FY 2016, to address significant unanticipated expenditures that would otherwise negatively affect the SWRCC Fund (Fund 111). Expenditures from this fund are approved by the DeSoto City Council, and are subject to the approval of officials from other municipalities participating in the SWRCC regional cooperative – the Cities of Cedar Hill and Duncanville. Fund 134 will begin FY 2017 with a fund balance of $93,100 and is projected to end with a fund balance of $186,200, which represents a 100% increase. This increase is due to revenues transferred into the fund, for long-term savings, and no expenditures are planned in FY 2017. SWRCC – Equipment Replacement Fund Fund 413 This Equipment Replacement Fund was created as a multi-year financial planning tool for the purchase of electronic equipment for the Southwest Regional Communications Center. In FY 2017 the SWRCC Equipment Replacement Fund will begin with a FB of $36,008 and will end with a projected FB of $1,008. This represents 97.2% decrease throughout the year, due to the planned purchase of alarm-monitoring software and phone upgrade equipment in FY 2017. SALES TAX CORPORATIONS The City of DeSoto has two (2) sales tax corporations: the DeSoto Park Development Corporation (DPDC) and the DeSoto Economic Development Corporation (DEDC). Collectively, the DPDC and DEDC receive a percentage of the two (2) cents sales tax collected by the State of Texas and distributed to the City of DeSoto. The DPDC receives 1/8 cent; the DEDC receives 3/8 cent.

Park Development Corporation Fund Fund 118

This fund will begin FY 2017 with a FB of $590,751 and is projected to end the year with a FB of $394,651, which represents a decrease of 33.2% in FB throughout the year. This decrease is due to a transfer into Fund 486 GF Capital Improvements, for renovation of the racquetball courts and multipurpose rooms in the Recreation Center.

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