FY2016-17 Budget Final







* To maintain the appearance and a safe physical environment through managing chemical levels. These daily reports will be stored electronically. *To increase involvement in teen programming. This will be accomplished through social media marketing and flyer distribution throughout the school district. PERFORMANCE MEASURES/SERVICE LEVELS MISSION/PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The Aquatics Division is responsible for coordinating programs at Moseley Pool. The aquatic center provides an array of opportunities including summer youth employment, volunteer junior lifeguard program, toddler swim lessons, youth swim lessons, programs for individuals with special needs, adult swim lessons, lap swimming, pool rentals, and a teenager swim team. The Aquatics Division promotes swimming as a crucial life skill. Specialized programs have been developed for underserved populations such as special needs and teens. The swim season begins in June and ends in August. Staffing at Moseley Pool consist of a Pool Manager, two assistant pool managers, five cashiers, and 23 lifeguards. They are responsible for swim lessons, pool rentals, pool parties, balancing chemicals, conducting staff meetings, administering the Junior Lifeguard Program, Barricuda swim team recruitment and scheduling, and facility marketing. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

FY 2014 Actuals

FY 2015 Actuals

FY 2016 Target

FY 2017 Target

Quantifiable Factor(s)

Activity Demand/Workload Annual pool budget





100 122

125 125

Number of customer satisfaction surveys completed

N/A 122

205 207

Number of water chemical testing

Efficiency/Effectiveness Measures M&O Budget Per Capita M&O % of General Fund Budget Swimming General Fund Cost Recovery Percentage of Customer Satisfaction Percentage of adequate chemical levels

$2.84 0.43%

$2.51 0.35%

$2.23 0.34%

$2.01 0.31%

57% 85% 85%

60% 87% 87%

71% N/A N/A

56% 80% 80%

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