FY2016-17 Budget Final

CITY COUNCIL BUSINESS PLAN FY2017 Goals and Objectives

CITY COUNCIL VISION STATEMENT DeSoto is an All-America City, rich in history, where people come to live, work and play in a prosperous, attractive, culturally-inclusive community that is a destination for arts, family entertainment and sports.



A. Collaborate with Best Southwest Cities, with the primary focus on DeSoto, for public transportation services, such as a trolley or shuttle. 1. Explore and implement a pilot transportation program, targeting the senior citizen and disabled population. a. Seek private partnerships within the region. 1. Care Flight paid transportation service 2. Fee-based shuttle service 3. Red Cross fee-based service b. Host a summit with faith-based partnerships within the region. 1. DeSoto Police and Clergy (DPAC) CITY COUNCIL (Quarters 1-4) 2. Host a Town Hall Meeting to update the public about ongoing Best 3. Explore the feasibility of implementing elements of the Transportation Study. CITY COUNCIL (Quarters 1-4) 4. Explore funding and/or grant opportunities for a transportation program in DeSoto. a. Contact Federal officials and/or NCTCOG regarding possible funding assistance. CITY COUNCIL (Quarters 1-4) b. Contact legislators to inquire about grant opportunities. CITY COUNCIL (Quarters 1-4) Southwest transportation efforts. CITY COUNCIL (Quarters 1-4)

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