FY2016-17 Budget Final

B. Continue DeSoto’s online presence through the City website and social- networking sites, to improve communication and promote our image as a progressive All-America City. 1. Promote mobile application use of push-notification technology. a. Go Request App b. 4-1-1 Mobile App c. Code Red Text Notifications d. City of DeSoto App e. Text to 9-1-1 ALL DEPARTMENTS (Quarters 1-4) 2. Expand opportunities for use of “Notify Me” email and/or text

notifications sent via the City website. ALL DEPARTMENTS (Quarters 1-4)


Explore auto-dial alternatives to the existing Code Red services that allow for citizen notifications by phone. ALL DEPARTMENTS (Quarters 1-4)

C. Increase the value of commercial assets through new development and redevelopment. 1. Encourage development on the remaining undeveloped areas at the intersection of Belt Line Road and Westmoreland Road. Facilitate growth and development in the Northwest Medical District. 2. Support the effort to attract new retail tenants to the Town Center Project. 3. Provide assistance, as appropriate, for the redevelopment of the areas along the Hampton Road Corridor. 4. Encourage potential developers to acquire or retrofit the former Kmart building. 5. Encourage the development of a civic/events center. 6. Explore commercial, retail and industrial businesses on which to focus for City-wide economic development. 7. Provide, as appropriate, assistance for the continued development around the heliport area. DESOTO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, CITY COUNCIL AND CITY MANAGER’S OFFICE (Quarters 1-4) D. Seek employment-focused economic development. 1. Publish announcements in the City Lights Newsletter and the DeSoto Economic Development Corporation website. 2. Advertise announcements on City median marquis. DESOTO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION AND PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER (Quarters 1-4) E. Explore youth employment/career opportunities. 1. Continue to support the Parks & Recreation Youth Career Camp effort, such as part of the Summertime on Belt Line Program.

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