FY2016-17 Budget Final

2. Form new partnerships for mentoring, job training, and employment. 3. Continue to host the Mayor for a Day, Police Chief for a Day, Municipal Judge for a Day, and Fire Chief for a Day Programs. 4. Host the Library “Everything Teen” Event, to promote career and leadership development for youth. MAYOR, LIBRARY, PARKS & RECREATION, POLICE DEPARTMENT, POLICE DEPARTMENT, FIRE DEPARTMENT AND MUNICIPAL COURT (Quarters 1-4) F. Consider re-design of the Library children’s area and circulation desk area. LIBRARY (Quarters 1-4) GOAL 2) CONTINUE LEADERSHIP ROLE IN COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS IN COMMUNITY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT WITHIN THE REGION A. Continue discussions regarding the Regional Economic Development Initiative with the Best Southwest Partnership. CITY COUNCIL AND DESOTO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION BOARD (Quarters 1-4) GOAL 3) MAINTAIN DESOTO AS A SAFE, CLEAN, AND ATTRACTIVE COMMUNITY A. Develop and update the 2018-2022 Capital Improvement Plan. CITY COUNCIL, CITY MANAGER’S OFFICE AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES (Quarters 1-4) B. Implement the FY2017 Capital Improvement Plan. DEVELOPMENT SERVICES (Quarters 1-4) C. Create an incentive program that assists Hampton Road businesses with façade and exterior upgrades. DESOTO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (Quarters 1-4) D. Implement the construction of fencing/screening along the south side of Pleasant Run Road, between Shadywood Lane and Hunters Creek Drive. DEVELOPMENT SERVICES AND CODE ENFORCEMENT (Quarters 1- 4) E. Continue to implement a Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Program. 1. Implement the two-year Domestic Violence Strategic Plan. a. Employ prevention measures and awareness initiatives, such as social media posts, website, billboards, water bill inserts and other printed material, as well as presentations at area schools, churches, and non-profit organizations.

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