FY2016-17 Budget Final


Explore partnerships in furtherance of the Program mission. a. Public and private schools b. Churches c. Non-profit organizations d. Public-private partnerships

3. Implement violence intervention, mitigation and recovery initiatives. a. Create a resource repository within the Police Department, to provide for concise resource coordination. b. Provide counseling services for victims, children, and abusers. c. Create a support, intervention, and relational model. 1. Train members of the DeSoto Police and Clergy (DPAC) Ministers On Call Program. 4. Videotape a roundtable discussion for the Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Program. 5. Continue to present Mayoral Proclamations for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, Teen Domestic Violence Awareness Month in February, and Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month in April. CITY COUNCIL, POLICE DEPARTMENT AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ADVISORY COMMISSION (Quarters 1-4) F. Continue to maintain the Fire Department Public Protection Classification ISO 1 rating. 1. Educate the public about the ISO 1 rating for commercial businesses. FIRE DEPARTMENT AND PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER (Quarters 1-4) 2. Utilize the ISO 1 rating to attract commercial businesses to DeSoto. DESOTO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (Quarters 1-4) G. Develop a Debris Management Plan and present it for FEMA approval. ASSISTANT CITY MANAGER – COMMUNITY INITIATIVES AND ALL DEPARTMENTS (Quarters 1-4) RECOGNIZE, PRESERVE AND CELEBRATE DESOTO’S HISTORY A. Capture and provide to the public DeSoto’s history (other than Nance Farm), by videotaping a Focus on DeSoto Today session that showcases the contributions of DeSoto citizens. MAYOR, PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER AND DESOTO TEXAS HISTORICAL FOUNDATION BOARD (Quarters 1-4) B. Explore the feasibility of hosting a multi-cultural museum at Nance Farm. DESOTO, TEXAS HISTORICAL FOUNDATION BOARD AND ASSISTANT CITY MANAGER - ADMINISTRATION (Quarters 1-4)


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